ReserveSlots mutator

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May 22, 2011
I have a new ReservedSlots version available. The download link can be found at the bottom of this post. The package consists out of two .ini files and two .u files. The .ini files go into the Config folder on your server and the .u files go into the cookedpcserver folder. If you use this mutator in combination with the new BotDetonator mutator, then please note that both packages do contain a MutatorEx.u file. Those two files are identical and you will only need one on your server.

This new version is not yet on the TWI white-list which will mean that your server will go unranked. But I really do need some feedback on how they behave on a server with more than 1 player :D

For the brave admins that want to try it:
Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Configuration properties:

  • NumberOfReservedSlots
    Config variable that will hold the number of reserved slots.
  • ClanTag
    The clan tag, will assume it's at the head of the players name.
    Using clan tag is the easiest way to reserve slots for clan mates, but not the safest because any noob can add the tag in front of his/her name.
    See MemberNames and UniqueMemberIds for a more secure solution.
  • MemberNames
    List of member names that can use reserved slots.
    Steam allows that people use the same names and by that more than one player can be recognized as a privileged player. See UniqueMemberIds for the best solution.
  • UniqueMemberIds
    List of unique steam id's for which we reserve slots.
    Using this list is the best approach.
  • FriendlyServerFullReason
    Friendly message to tell a joining player that the server is full.
  • FriendlyKickReason
    Friendly message to tell our kicked victim why we kicked him.
  • bAllowReconnect
    If true, then a disconnected person is allowed to reconnect even if there are no public slots available.
    See also ReconnectGraceTime.
  • ReconnectGraceTime
    A grace time where-in a player can reconnect without losing his slot claim.
    See also bAllowReconnect.
  • bLogPlayerNameVsUniqueIdOnConnect
    Log player name vs unique id and IP address on connect.
    This will make it easier for server admins to add there privileged players to the unique id list by looking them up in the logs.
  • bWelcomePrivilegedPlayers
    Privileged players will be welcomed if set to true.
    See also PrivilegedPlayerWelcomeMessage
  • PrivilegedPlayerWelcomeMessage
    Template for the privileged player welcome messages.
    If the template contains <PlayerName>, then this part will be substituted with the name of the privileged player.
    See also bWelcomePrivilegedPlayers.
  • PrivilegedMessageBroadcastDelay
    Delay in seconds between player spawn time and welcome message broadcast.
  • bKickIfNoMoreEmptySlots (new)
    Enables/disables kicking of a none privileged player if no more slots are available and a privileged player tries to join.
    See also IdleTimeThreshold and PingThreshold
  • IdleTimeThreshold (new)
    Idle time threshold used to find a kick victim.
    A player which is idle for a longer time than this value will be kicked if there is no free slot available and a privileged player tries to join the server.
    See also bKickIfNoMoreEmptySlots.
  • PingThreshold (new)
    Ping threshold used to find a kick victim.
    A player with a ping above this value will be kicked if there is no free slot available and a privileged player tries to join the server.
    See also bKickIfNoMoreEmptySlots
  • bEnableLogging
    Config variable for enabling/disabling debug info logging.

Using this mutator will also add colored chat for all clients connected to your server. This way the messages from the ReservedSlots mutator do distinct from the chat messages. More about this can be found here.

Mutator commands (only available for administrators):

  • Mutate RSM Help (new)
    Displays this mutator command list.
  • Mutate RSM AddByName <name> (new)
    Adds a privileged player by name to the UniqueMemberIds list.
    The player must be currently on the server.
  • Mutate RSM AddById <id> (new)
    Adds a privileged player by unique ID to the UniqueMemberIds list.
  • Mutate RSM Commit (new)
    Commits changed configuration properties.
  • Mutate RSM Config <property> [<value>] (new)
    Gets or gets a configuration property. In case of set, then the new value must be supplied.
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May 22, 2011
This mutator is officially released and for this reason the beta thread is closed. The release thread can be found here.
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