PSA: Known Console Crash and matchmaking issue (with workarounds)

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We are tracking two crashes related to the Xbox and PS4. These are likely related to cosmetics equiped. Below is a list we have gathered so far.:

  1. Wearing the Scullyphones on DJ Scully
  2. Equiping Steampunk and Dragon and Koi gear
  3. Wearing Horzine Elite Gold Suit
  4. Beyond Horizon weapon skins
For now please avoid these things as we work to get these addressed. If experiencing similar with other cosmetics please list your platform and the combinations of cosmetics equipped. From what we are seeing these are the primary cause of almost all crashes players are currently experiencing (which includes a crash when joining a match) if these are set on your default character.

On matchmaking, we believe we have identified what is happening there as well. While we work on a fix for the root cause we've got a workaround in play that should make it much more likely that players will find a match.

We are working towards a hotfix to fully address these issues and hope to be able to provide more details on that as we continue to work on fixes.
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Oisten Jagerhorn character crashes immediately when selected. He's wearing Red Cyberpunk, Christmas Husk Hat, Ronon Goggles and Hans black backpack. Also game is still unstable when playing on line and will crash about 20-25% of the matches.

Updated this post with new information.

I just crashed in the gear menu. I switched character from DAR to Tanaka and selected red biocola, the retro vault shirt, that yellow durag mouth thing, and I believe the last 3d glasses selection (black with skulls maybe?). I also opened the new event microtransactions menu inadvertently before it crashed.

I am using the original PS4. The error code is (CE-34878-0). I managed to get into suicidal endless lobbies today in East, West, and Central regions. The workaround seems to be working. Last night I could only get into hard endless lobbies. The hard endless lobbies did crash a few times. I also couldn’t create my own game. I know you folks are diligently trying to fix the issues. I am a giant fan of this game...So thanks for all of your hard work. 👍👌😉
Crashing on Xbox, having issues of selected character not being the one I picked. Trying to change immediately exiting back to home screen when picking Scully with the Horzine suit. Even when not picking the character no loading into survival on solo, my wife can play though on our other Xbox.
Since two months ago I'm having "your connection to the host has been lost" every match I join, I'm on ps4
Thanks for the update but the ps4 version still crashes doing mid match with none of the skins and accessories sometimes I see other players with it on but I get blue screen I know you all are still fixing the game but the Halloween update has not been enjoyable missing out on tickets I haven’t even receive a gold ticket yet let alone put in my 12 hrs of game play as usual on kf2 but keep up the good work still playing it just hoping I don’t get a random blue screen
It's looking like the hotfix for these reported console crashes and party issues, as well as the Steam Workshop issue preventing clients and servers from downloading content may go out this week if all goes well.
Non of this work around work i havnt been able to play. The on the ps4 since i got it it alwas give your connection to the host has been los.

Even more there been troll acoubt on all serves us eroup etc...
Just there making sure you couldnt find games .alwas with game ended and match over forever fix pls alredy
in the name of god fix your f game

i havnt been able to 1 to play the game since i buogt this game
crash every time with no faill and no the tam fix dosnt work
do some thing alredy or give me a refund on ps4
in the name of god fix your f game

i havnt been able to 1 to play the game since i buogt this game
crash every time with no faill and no the tam fix dosnt work
do some thing alredy or give me a refund on ps4
The specific crash causing the fixes related to this post were fixed. If you have a crash, write up a new thread to report it with details and any error messages you have received.
I created an account just to say this. It is pretty crappy that this keeps happening especially with the new weapons you guys made us pay money for. Like yes pay $10 and get the exclusive weapons and 5 skins! Then if you try to equip any of the skins it immediately crashes the game so minor detail I guess. Used to like your company but man have you gone downhill over the years. More bugs compounded with more things we could do without followed by game breaking glitches. The killing floor I started out playing is a shadow of its former self and it is disheartening to know you guys just don't care.
We very much care. However we have had trouble reproducing this issue in testing using the exact settings and loadouts reported by players in the wild. This has kept us from catching the issue in a debugger and thus figuring out exactly what is happening. Without knowing that information any attempt to fix will be what is called a "blind fix" and may or may not work, and may make things worse.
Yeah i bought the mosin nagant and the riot shield and when trying to equip their skins that came with them, a few seconds later the game shits the bed and gives me a (CE-34878-0) error will this be fixed or not?
Crashing on Ps4, Equiping certain skins and attempting to either find/create a match or going on to the gear menu, Skins so far are: M32 (Neon RGB), Flamethrower (Beyond Horizon), Boomstick (Foster's Favorites), Boomstick (Yin Yang) and RPG-7 (Beyond Horizon), not sure if its contributing to the problem but my default character is Classic Briar with Horzine Security Precious and Horzine Security Helmet Precious.
I’m an Xbox one user and can’t level up and I bought the game last Wednesday and so did a buddy of mine and neither of us can really do anything. It’s kinda hard to enjoy the game when we can’t progress in the game