Please for all that is holy, bring some more weekly challenges to the game

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Nov 5, 2018
The weekly challenges was one of the first new gamemodes to come to KF2, when it was introduced there was some serious hype behind it; completing obscure challenges to contribute to the dosh vault. But as most of us know, there hasn't been any new challenges since the release of weekly challenges and the dosh vault rewards are sub-par. The thing I find more infuriating is that this is consistent across a lot of the new features, weapons and modes that are released with KF2; VS survival is a broken mess with only normal difficulty, Objective mode only has 5 maps (I don't know exactly since I haven't played in a while and it isn't infront of me as of writing this) and Endless is a confused and uncatered mess that could have been so much more.

But for me, weekly challenges could have had THE MOST potential across all of the non-standard game modes, its a mode that can incorporate the other game modes, with so much mutations to take advantage of. The idea is that this is the more casual, random game mode and such a game mode should receive some loving.

Class Mutations:
Power Levels: You play a game of survival on suicidal and all of the classes are set to either Level 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 (Any XP earned in this challenge is added outside of the game.)
CopyCat: You play a game of survival on suicidal and everyone plays the same class (pre-set class).
Lucky Draw: You play survival on suicidal and everyone is given a random class at Level 25 they can't change. (XP earned in this challenge is added outside of the game).
The Family Tree: You play a 10 Wave game where each wave forces you to play a class until all classes are played (You choose which class to play at the boss round).

Wave Mutations:
No time to lose: There is no break between waves and the trader is always open.
The clock is ticking: The wave is infinite, as a team you must kill a number of targets and survive the timer to beat the wave.
Keep the pace: You must complete the wave in a set time, or you lose.
One of every kind: Custom number of waves, each wave is filled with one zed type, starting from Cyst and ending at the boss.
Head-hunter: The waves have infinite zeds, the wave ends when each player kills their target/s.
A tough nut: Short game of survival on suicidal with 60 second trader time and 2500 dosh before wave 1 starts. One boss per wave (1. Abom 2. KFP 3. Patriarch 4. Matriarch 5. Dr Hans Volter).

Weapon Mutations:
Gun Game: At the start of each wave, your weapon is replaced with a random gun from your class (You cannot purchase weapons).
SPIN THE WHEEL: At the trader, rather than purchasing a weapon, you spend a set amount of Dosh to get a random weapon. The cheaper the weapon's original price, the higher the chance of an upgraded version.
Only the biggest: As well as the tier one weapon you are given, you are given a random tier 4/5 weapon from your selected class (You cannot purchase weapons).
Alphabet Soup: The only weapons you can use are: AR15, HX25, SG500, MP7, L85A2, HZ12, M79, M1911, MP5, P90, VLAD-1000, AK12, M4, M16 M203, Scar-H, AA-12, M32, RPG, UMP-45, AF-2011, M14 EBR, FN FAL, M99 AMR, G18c.

Player/Zed Mutations:
Budget Plans: You all share the same amount of money, always.
Dangerous Elite: Each Zed is replaced with its Elite/Alpha counterpart (VS mode variants for Siren/FP/Scrake etc if it doesn't exist).
Keep your friends close, but your dosh closer: Whenever you take damage, you drop your dosh. You can store your dosh in an account at the trader.
Every Man for themselves: You cannot interact with your teammates (Give Dosh, Heal, Give Weapons, Give Ammo/Armour).
VIP: One player is the VIP. If the VIP takes damage, so does everyone else. If the VIP dies, so does everyone else. Protect the VIP
Blind Skull; On: You cannot see your HUD, reticle or weapon.

How have you not been able to add any new weekly challanges when lonely ol' me could think of these bad bois?

Mister Master

Oct 11, 2020
100% agree. New weeklies would not only spice up the game a whole lot, but they would be super easy to add to the game.

My favorites:
  • No Time to Lose
  • Dangerous Elite

Also, a couple of super easy additions that would be fun:
  • Double or Nothing: Twice as many Zeds per wave but all Zeds have half their usual health.
  • Half Empty: Half as many Zeds per wave but all Zeds have twice their usual health.
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Nov 5, 2018
Obviously now there needs to be weekly rewards, I completely forgot about them

Power Level: Super-sayan hair
CopyCat: Two-holed Balaclava in Jet Black (Like a stereotypical Robber)
Lucky Draw: Riddler Styled 9mm skin, with Question Marks all over
The Family Tree: Blue 9mm Skin with each perk symbol along the barrel and/or grip

No Time to lose: An oversized Pocket Watch
The Clock is Ticking: Rabbit Head with monocle (White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland)
Keep the Pace: Giant Digital Watch that keeps track of game-time
One of Every kind: Red 9mm Skin with each Zed symbol along the barrel and grip
Headhunter: Wanted Poster of Volter (Backpack)
A tough nut: Headwear of each boss

Gun Game: Miniature Trader Pod (Backpack)
SPIN THE WHEEL: Roullette Table (Backpack)
Only the biggest: Diamond Plated 9mm skin
Alphabet Soup: AR15 Varmint skin with random letter arrangements (CIA/FBI/CSI etc) everywhere

Budget Plans: Cash Machine back pack which tracks your current dosh amount
Dangerous Elite: British NCO outfit
KYFCBYDC: SWAG Bag with loose dosh falling out
Every man for themselves: Feathered Spaniard Buccaneer hat w/ eyepatch
VIP: Giant overhead red arrow pointing downards
Blind Skull; On: Flaming Skull headwear


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Sep 18, 2012
I won't delve too deep into what I already told you : yes, weeklies deserved not only more mods but also to be more interesting. Yes, I personally feel they should be called "challenges" or "mutators" and thus not be tied to a particular week at all. And finally, yes I believe that a lot of ideas that could have been great for KF2 (Weeklies, but also the upgrade system, the survivalist, objective mode...) were thrown into the bin waaaay too fast.

This being said, let's say what you got in store this time !

-Copycat is indeed similar to my "Class Act" idea ! I do like "Power Levels" too, although I believe it doesn't make for that much of a challenge (great players would probably be able to beat the game even with a low-level perk, while the newbies would struggle even with a level 25 one. I believe perks should be randomized to add some spice to it. So you'd still need to adapt if you end up being a level 10 firebug or a level 20 sharpshooter. But I guess it would be too similar to "Family Tree" then... Maybe comine the two? Or even the three?! Similarly, I believe "Lucky Draw" would hardly be a challenge for anyone who played the game for a while... So yeah, maybe a mix of all four of them would be the way to go. Really pushing the RNG to the max to keep players on their toes.

-No time to lose is already a classic and it's not even a thing ! I wonder how it would work though... A single, never-ending wave, that culminates with a boss fight? But then it would be a bit too similar to "Clock is ticking" ... Or multiple waves with no trader time? Because even then, you could also keep that lonely clot at the end of a wave, purchase everything calmly, and kill him to start the new wave rolling... I guess it's not what you want, you obviously want players to purchase their **** with haste, needing to rely on their teammates to do so (this challenge would be stupidly stressful when playing solo too !) Anyway, I like that idea even more so than the "No Trader" idea I developed.

Maybe a way to keep the timer idea would be to have it tied to zeds and waves? Killing zeds adds some time to the timer (a basic crawler would add something like 1 sec, a fleshpound would give 10 sec, and maybe a boss would give a whopping +2 minutes). It would make the game much more intense and stressful, and would actually add something cool to the "Endless" idea. I mean... It wouldn't truly be "endless" I guess, but great players could keep the timer rolling for far longer !

"Keep the pace" reminds me of numerous timed races from Burnout, Wipeout and other racing games... I kinda dig it, it's similar but not exactly the same as "clock is ticking". Simple and effective. That's a plus from me !

"One of every kind" , I personally would rather have proper mutators like Poundamonium but for every zed...But I guess it could get old very quickly that way. The hardest wave of KF1's poundamonium was obviously the first, when you had nothing but grenades and weapons you found on the ground. Afterward you had all the money in the world to max out your arsenal. So maybe it would indeed be better if it increased in difficulty as the game goes on. But then... Wouldn't it feel anticlimactic to find a horde of fleshpounds, only to find a pitiful Abomination at the last wave?

I'm not very sold on Head-Hunter... I don't very see how fun it could be. I guess in a PvP game it could be great to track down a specific player. But in Killing Floor? Not only is it common to kill a bit of everything with every perk, but you could also say to people "please let me kill the Scrake, it's my target" and boom. It's done. It's not truly a challenge nor does it change the game enough to make it worthwhile.

Tough Nut sounds like a mix of my "Boss Rush" and "Every Penny Count" ideas ! I personally prefer to have both separately as it would induce much more stress from preserving your sweet money (and make it more difficult to face of that first boss, with only T1 weaponry !!) but why not?

-Gun game is indeed the same idea I had. Alphabet soup is honestly quite stupid, but hey... No stupider than Bobble Head or Inflatable Zeds ! Only the biggest however doesn't have the wonky premise of Alphabet Soup, nor a real challenge... I mean, starting with a T4/T5 makes the game fantastically easier. And even if your T1 isn't upgraded, it still makes for a decent sidearm. I mean, I doubt it would be difficult for any perk really... Maybe you could make it so you CANNOT upgrade nor restock your T4/T5? That way, you know that you have to save that very valuable ammo for real threats (big zeds/boss) and stick to the T1 to deal with everything else. You could, however, upgrade and restock the T1.

Kinda like Spin the Wheel. As someone who loves to pick underrated (or underpowered, let's face it) weapons, that would be a breeze for me! But I assume everyone would pick Survivalist for that weekly challenge... Does remind me a lot of the mystery box from Call of Duty too.

-Budget Plans remind me a wee bit of how money management worked in KF1. Sure, everyone still had their fair share of money, but it was still very wise to share money for the perks that were very weak early on (like the demo for instance). But I'm wary of that weekly for two main reasons : first, you'd need to have a well-coordinated team that knows each other well, otherwise I'm sure some randoms would just spend the reserves of everyone and be a dick. Secondly, I didn't mention it for some other challenges but I will now, this weekly couldn't be played solo. Or more accurately, it wouldn't really change anything to them... Kind of a shame, although I understand that it's an issue that plagues many things (like perks themselves... I'm sure that why all of them can deal with pretty much anything now)

Dangerous Elite uh? I can already feel my legs shaking from the amount of albino crawlers or rioters we might get... Does it includes ONLY Edars as stalkers/husks too? I guess that challenge would be both annoying AND difficult. Don't know if players would keep playing that one after getting their rewad... But I guess it accomplish it's role as being challenging !

"Keep your friends close..." similarly to the above, it sure would be challenging, but probably infuriating to play as well ! I can already see people favoring kiting perks like the SWAT or gunslinger... and pretty much never using the zerk. I'm a bit afraid of people getting boxed for silly reasons. If it due to being careless, sucks to be them. But we all know of the infamous teleporting zeds (or the ones that spawns behind your back, more accurately). I believe it should also be tied to the damage you take (maybe that's what you had in mind? Because I feel like it would be unfair to lose all of it because of a freaking crawler). Thus let's say a fleshpound could rob you of one third of your dosh. Meanwhile, a clot would only snatch a 20$ bill.

Every man for themselves : again, that wouldn't work if you're playing Solo :p ... Also, I believe it would encourage loners, which are often shunned in public matches. It's basically like having a mod to play PURPOSELY bad. Not a fan tbh.

VIP : as a huge fan of the "Hunted" map from Team Fortress Classic, you bet I love that mod ! But again : teamplay would be paramount. I don't want the VIP to go "LEROY JENKINS" and get the whole team killed because he got thrashed by a kamikaze husk... Basically, it should be a real "protect the VIP" scenario, and not babysitting. I'm also afraid that you'd get half the team playing medics just to keep the VIP's ass healed. Also also : I hope the team takes the same damage as the VIP, but not the same effects? Like, you can't heal the VIP and heal the whole team as a result? Otherwise, that could also be cheesed...

Blind Skull : Okay, I hate you ! I never got why and how people played without seeing their weapon in highly competitive games. I'm also a paranoid reloader, that also keeps healing as soon as two HP are missing. So not knowing would drive me crazy ! Definitely a great and very tense idea, I approve.

And just because @Mister Master added some ideas of its own : I believe Half Empty would be far more challenging than the other way around. Think about it : having a tougher Fleshpound, even if he doesn't have a Quarterpounder to escort him, could scream your doom. If he survives your rocket,by the team you reload it might be too late ! On the flipside, even if you got a swarm of fleshpounds with "Double or Nothing", if you can kill four of them with a single rocket or a single AA-12 mag... Will it truly be tough? Hell, it might be both easier and funnier to slay legions of zeds !


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Jul 1, 2020
It's interesting to know that TWI did a whole merc report based on your suggestion.