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Papa Bear

  • Apr 20, 2023
    from the post made in October, it said you were looking for play testers. But it seems like that there are no testers. Are there any thoughts on bringing this idea to fruition? I personally would love to be a play tester to help balance and adjust the game. I feel using testers will help bring a more balanced and well received adjustment to the game.
    I think playtesters are very much needed to make sure people are more satisfied with the balance changes that are put out. Recent events have shown that a lot of people were not satisfied with the changes (granted there were mistakes made with some of them), but I feel like this is something that could really go a long way and needs to be taken into more consideration.
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    Lil bump of my own.

    Playtesting would help this game a long way, while additionally ensuring we don't launch seasons with exploits (Sasori launched with a pretty bad one if you knew about it, for example) and testing new content pre-emptively. Though, with how they announce a new agent the day before launch / the launch day of the season, it may require that side of communication to be altered. Or the playtesters essentially signing an NDA and it being a private test. I don't think a PTB akin to Dead By Daylight would be suited for this game, but a private one I'd 100% be on board with.
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