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Music Video Thread

Thanks for posting those Pile, nice to see the old dude still rocking out like a 20-year old :D

But he does look old now... :eek:

EDIT; Young inspired me to post some Dinosaur JR for some reason -- well they do look a bit the same lol:

YouTube - Little Fury Things

Also, somewhat related, The Minutemen:

YouTube - Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic

Not really a music vid, but 3 songs by the supreme Headcoatees:

YouTube - Thee Headcoatees

Remember this classic?

YouTube - Green Jello "Little Pig, Little Pig"
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Umphrey's McGee. Best progressive jam band and one of the best live performance bands. If you listen to one of the videos, listen to them all. You won't be disappointed. And HQ makes them a heckuva lot better. On Cemetery Walk pt.2 skip to 8mins and watch from there on out and just look at the emotion in the crowd and musicians.

YouTube - Umphrey's McGee - All in Time (part1) - 1/19/2009

YouTube - Umphrey's McGee - Slacker - 12/30/07

YouTube - Umphrey's McGee - 40's Theme w/ Stanley Jordan - 12-30-2008

YouTube - Umphrey's McGee - Cemetery Walk II - 3-13-2009
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Nice one B/L - never heard that guy before but shall be sure to look out for him.

@Pile - there were several putative soundtracks for the Easter egg in Carentan.

In order of appearance they were:

Wortkabular - Robag Whrume
**** the Pain Away - Peaches
Fittichklopfer - Robag Whrume
Stalker - Aphrodite (actually an edit where I segued from the Human Traffic soundtrack to the actual track)
Full Metal Jackoff - DOA feat. Jello Biafra

None of them ever made it to the final release 'cos of boring old copyright issues :S

This is 18 bloody years old - 18!

YouTube - Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Kill Your Television (v2)

this is not much younger....

YouTube - Credit To The Nation - Call It What You Want
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