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Maneater on Xbox Still "Overheating" 7/25/20


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Jul 25, 2020
After nearly 12 hours of exhausting and unintended repetitive gameplay, i was forced to stop playing the game due to (mainly) the incessant crashing of the game. Since launch, I was eager to play and beat the game in it's entirety, as it is an incredibly fun game. Unfortunately, this was impossible due to the constant crashing and memory loss. I figured I'd give the devs a chance to correct these issues; which, after a few months AND seeing that the well known issue was claimed to be "fixed" with and a rather large update, I figured it was time to give it another try.. I loaded the game and began randomly hunting and swimming, as to not put too much stress on the precessing, and (almost instantly) experienced the same "overheating" crash. Now I want my money back. As I cannot seem to find any support for this issue, I will likely avoid this developer entirely in the future. Any response or feedback on this post would be greatly appreciated.