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  1. Soufwar

    Maneater Truth Quest PlayStation 5 Trophies issues.

    Hi, I have recently finished playing Truth Quest (Lots of fun, loved the conspiracies twist). Unfortunately, this isn't a friendly forum visit. So, I have been having issues with 4 trophies not being awarded when I have cleared the requirements for them. *Island Queen: Complete all...
  2. rifqiihtisyamuddin

    Bug on Large Gate

    Hello Tripwire team, I'm having a bug on the large border gate between Caviar Key - Dead Horse Lake. I have opened the gate, but in the game there is still a notification that the gate is not open. this resulted in me not getting 100% complete on the game. Anyone experiencing the same thing...
  3. platinumduva

    Ps5 Trophies Not Popping At All

    Hey Guys, going through the Maneater Dlc the trophies don't pop at all once doing the required tasks, i know across various forums im not the only one either having this problem. This this something you will be fixing in the near future! Thank you!
  4. S

    Maneater PS5 Truth Quest Not Loading Even Though I Bought The DLC & Updated The Game!

    As the title says I can't play the DLC no matter what I do! I updated the game, bought the dlc, did the preliminary missions that lead up to the Truth Quest DLC and now...I cant access the DLC no matter what I try, I tried uninstalling the game, tried loading a different save, nothing works. I...
  5. B

    Where is the Ray Tracing update for PC? (Maneater)

    Where is the rat tracing update for maneater on pc??? You announced that it was coming in early 2021 and were are entering Q4 now. Also will you be adding HDR to PC for this game.
  6. rodrigosilvaa

    [XBOX ONE] Achievement not unlocking - Infamy level 1

    I completed the game and did 100%. All the quests are done. I got achivememt Infamy level 10 but the level 1 didn't unlock. I have 31 of 32 achievements and this is the only one missing.
  7. Octo Chara

    YouTube Copyright

    Just wondering if anyone has had any copyright issues when playing Maneater on YouTube. I’m relatively small and not well known so I’m always very cautious when I find a game that I wanna play.
  8. AshenRayne

    [NSW][BUG] Maneater Bug Thread

    Alright, while I may be new, I've played the game a while and noticed a few things. Here's a Thread that we can post all the bugs we find. Bugs I've found: 1. When a large predator threw me while in a section of low water or in the sewers, if I hit either the ground or the ceiling, it would...
  9. S

    Quick selecting on skin sets

    It would be cool to be able to select which skin set to use instead on going to each individual body part and choosing. Example instead of going to Jaws and picking Shadow Teeth then going to head and pick Shadow Head. Have another option to equip the full Shadow Set. P.s love the game
  10. KaiGamePlays

    Maneater (Switch)

    Hello! This is a bug report for the recent release of Maneater on the Switch! For some reason, certain creatures freeze in place instead of swimming (?) Some of the boats lag as they move, as well as the sea creatures to at times! You’re attention to this problem will be much appreciated! Thank you
  11. N

    Trophies still not unlocking

    I have gotten the trophy for 100% completion and have done everything in the game but 5 trophies have still not unlocked, other forums say this has been resolved, I only started this month with latest update on PS5 and these 5 trophies didnt unlock, Ocean Terror This Is My Movie Tricks Didn't...
  12. IssaMohedIssa

    Maneater (PS5) Trophies doesn't pop up even if I completed the requirements

    I'm having an issue with Maneater on PS5 with apex trophies and the evolutions I do the requirements in game but the trophies doesn't pop up
  13. T

    PS5 Maneater Trophies bugged

    Hello there, I’d just like to report a few bugged trophies that affected me. I saw that people had a few different trophies for themselves. Here are mine: New Breed Gator Meat Delicious Pound it This is My Movie I Thought You Were Tough The New Apex Predator I guess my question is, will the...
  14. Kronakrona6

    Had an idea for a game

    So I had an idea for a game similar to maneater but with dragons, back in medieval times, you would start as a baby, just surviving on small animals and eventually growing up to an adult, and as you grow up you would have to fight other dragons for territories, kind of like the apex predators in...
  15. Chaosxon3

    Maneater on Xbox Still "Overheating" 7/25/20

    After nearly 12 hours of exhausting and unintended repetitive gameplay, i was forced to stop playing the game due to (mainly) the incessant crashing of the game. Since launch, I was eager to play and beat the game in it's entirety, as it is an incredibly fun game. Unfortunately, this was...
  16. Sven4882

    Mega crocodile and mega hammerhead

    I would like to see a story line around a maneating crocodile and also a story line around a mega hammerhead, since a mega hammerhead in real life can be as large or even larger then a great white it would awesome if we could actually play as them
  17. mashkovcev

    Playing at q6600

    Will the game run on Intel Cuad processor q6600?
  18. JustAPrinnyDood

    A better use of diving, surfacing, and knifing

    One of the few problems I have with the game is during combat I find myself constantly knifing to the point where I lose track of where my pray is. This leads me to having to mash the dive button constantly to make sure it doesn't keep happening (but eventually does.) Few suggestion: Let us...
  19. WiredSamurai

    Deep-Sea Expansion

    Hello! , I had an idea that instead of going to a different location per say around the globe. . . Why not just go deeper? Maybe introduce larger sea creatures to fight, as well as Human opponents in larger boats. Submarines even... I mean, you could make it to where the Shark you play as...
  20. Rangernasa

    Unable to launch the game PC

    I have recently purchased maneater through epic games and when I launch it says running and after a few minutes it does not launch at all the game simply does not launch where I launch it through epic games store or through the file destination need help ASAP....