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  1. IssaMohedIssa

    Maneater (PS5) Trophies doesn't pop up even if I completed the requirements

    I'm having an issue with Maneater on PS5 with apex trophies and the evolutions I do the requirements in game but the trophies doesn't pop up
  2. T

    PS5 Maneater Trophies bugged

    Hello there, I’d just like to report a few bugged trophies that affected me. I saw that people had a few different trophies for themselves. Here are mine: New Breed Gator Meat Delicious Pound it This is My Movie I Thought You Were Tough The New Apex Predator I guess my question is, will the...
  3. Kronakrona6

    Had an idea for a game

    So I had an idea for a game similar to maneater but with dragons, back in medieval times, you would start as a baby, just surviving on small animals and eventually growing up to an adult, and as you grow up you would have to fight other dragons for territories, kind of like the apex predators in...
  4. Chaosxon3

    Maneater on Xbox Still "Overheating" 7/25/20

    After nearly 12 hours of exhausting and unintended repetitive gameplay, i was forced to stop playing the game due to (mainly) the incessant crashing of the game. Since launch, I was eager to play and beat the game in it's entirety, as it is an incredibly fun game. Unfortunately, this was...
  5. Sven4882

    Mega crocodile and mega hammerhead

    I would like to see a story line around a maneating crocodile and also a story line around a mega hammerhead, since a mega hammerhead in real life can be as large or even larger then a great white it would awesome if we could actually play as them
  6. mashkovcev

    Playing at q6600

    Will the game run on Intel Cuad processor q6600?
  7. JustAPrinnyDood

    A better use of diving, surfacing, and knifing

    One of the few problems I have with the game is during combat I find myself constantly knifing to the point where I lose track of where my pray is. This leads me to having to mash the dive button constantly to make sure it doesn't keep happening (but eventually does.) Few suggestion: Let us...
  8. WiredSamurai

    Deep-Sea Expansion

    Hello! , I had an idea that instead of going to a different location per say around the globe. . . Why not just go deeper? Maybe introduce larger sea creatures to fight, as well as Human opponents in larger boats. Submarines even... I mean, you could make it to where the Shark you play as...
  9. Rangernasa

    Unable to launch the game PC

    I have recently purchased maneater through epic games and when I launch it says running and after a few minutes it does not launch at all the game simply does not launch where I launch it through epic games store or through the file destination need help ASAP....
  10. JesseV95

    Since the last update

    I am currently not having the overheating messages and game shut off message. Now it is having a sign out error. Really would like to play the game. Cant make it past the first part of the game where you bite the guys arm off. Really disappointed. Waiting for the first update,hoping i would be...
  11. D

    PS4 issues

    Hi there, I recently uninstalled the game because it got to a point where i was risking damaging my ps4 pro, my ps4 is still pretty new and really looked after, i play many large games and have never ever had any of the issues im about to share...i fully believe the game is the problem. at...
  12. NoNeckNIGELx

    Landmark bug

    On Xbox and can’t get 100% completion since there is a landmark bug in Fawtick Bayou. Wish it would be fixed so I can get the shadow set. Any idea on a hot fix or something.
  13. BioHazard Studios

    Future Ideas for Man Eater (Small Spoiler) PLEASE READ THIS 🦈

    I'm just going to repost some ideas I had earlier that I posted on reddit. I would say have some mysterious event happen to go live on the air. For instance blow up the forcefield blocking the other side of the ocean. Let all new species break into the city. Add giant squids, octopus, let...
  14. Cdrew99

    The mother-load of concepts/sequel ideas

    *This is a compilation of all my ideas some old some new I wanted to combine them into a mega post since there is much more traffic on the forums then there was when I originally posted some of these ideas. If you enjoy these ideas feel free to share like or post any feedback and thank you all...
  15. S

    DLC Mission Ideas and Map Expansion.

    If map expansion is planned, here are some of my ideas for creatures/enemies and missions. These are broken down into 3 new areas. 1. "Clovis Dock" Expansion: Added the area that you can see east of the map with the docks and oil rigs. Adds a mission to destroy the oil rigs which adds an even...
  16. dazexel

    PS4 Bugs

    Hi my game does not fit in the screen completely, I’ve tried changing the fit in the PS4 menu and it doesn’t change anything. Also, it is not allowing me to pick up license plates, even if I go right through the center of them.
  17. Cdrew99

    Endgame/new game plus concepts

    Endgame content: *make hunt and population control missions replay-able *allow enemies to scale to your sharks level so they will drop more currency when consumed. *apex enemies can respawn *add shark skins that alter the look of your shark for doing various challenges such as Albino skin...
  18. Teshe

    Thank You Tripwire

    I am a big fan of jaws unleashed, and this game took the next step for a shark game that we have been waiting since 2006. I find most of my happiness through video games and this game has triggered new happy memories. Thank you Tripwire for the hard work and effort put in.
  19. Teshe

    ❄Add A Snow Region❄

    1. Add Creatures that live in these cold areas: Salmon Shark, Greenland Shark, Walrus, Penguin, Grey Whale, Beluga, Polar Bear, Salmon 2, Make the water freeze on some surface of the water: ANd when you are on the ice, you can easily flop around since it is easy to slip. 3, Add Environmental...
  20. Teshe

    Make Animals (AI's) Interact With Each Other

    Basically, I do not want animals to attack each other 24/7. But it would be nice to see the bigger creatures eat the smaller creatures as if you would see in the wild. For example, a Great White Shark jumping out of the water to attack a seal whale, or a killer whale tail whip a seal whale...