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Console MANEATER glitch regarding "Science Experiment" trophy

So "the new Apex predator" and "science experiment" trophy didn't save in my trophy list for me on PS5 version. I just beat the last Apex predator the sperm whale. The 3 trophies popped up completed back to back to back but only 1 is showing up on my trophy list. "I thought you was tough" was the one that was registered. Any ideas on a fix? For what its worth "I thought you were tough" popped up first.


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Update: After I beat the game the trophies were added to my list. But when cleaned up the collectibles and deep sea explorer trophy popped, along with the Queen of the sea and the platinum. Again the trophies popped back to back to back..where the first one that popped deep sea explorer was the only one saved onto my trophy list. I think the game is not saving following trophies after multiple trophy pop up. only the first trophy that pops is saved to the list. That should be a start for figuring this out.
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