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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types


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  • Feb 1, 2011
    I dunno if it's even possible for the M32 to be made a viable sidegrade to the RPG at this point. I think it'd be more productive to push this weapon towards a more gimmicky direction similar to most HRG weapons. Perhaps the M32 could have the following changes?

    New Damage Type: M32_EMP
    Scrake: 1.5
    Gorefiend: 1.35
    EDAR Variants: 3.0

    New function: Change firing mode

    High Explosive - The default damage type. has the highest explosive and base impact damage.

    Healing - Medic Grenades for Demolitionist. Has a longer minimum range to prevent self-healing, grenade impact deals 100 Ballistic_Rifle and 75 Explosive. Grenades do not have lingering healing gas but players caught in the explosion are healed 30 HP

    EMP - Has no minimum arming distance. Explosion deals 30 EMP damage/100 EMP incap power, grenade impacts deal 125 M32_EMP damage. EMP Grenades do not injure the user

    I'd mention other firing modes, but three would already bloat up the weapon selection cycle as it is.
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    Meeeeeh... I get the meaning behind it, considering that it's indeed a very neglected weapon (and I think it will be even more with the surprisingly versatile ZED MkIII) but I don't think we need yet another perk that steals from others. EMP and Healing would really feel slapped on just because. It's not the perk's role at all. Plus, the Gravity Imploder kinda shows that having "different grenades" don't really make for a better weapon.
    To me, the M32 is kinda the middle ground between the very high-power RPG-7 (that suffers as a PDW/CQC weapon, you better have a great team to back you up or a decent sidearm) and the recent Zed MKIII (melts through everything with its generous mag, but lacks the capability to get rid of a tough target quickly).

    The M32 is good because you can continuously shoot if you reload frequently (kinda like most Support's shotguns). It's good because you can quickly blast a zone clean of every zed around. It's like a more lenient RPG-7, that trades some of its massive firepower for more comfort. I agree that it might seem as suboptimal, but I personally believe it does what it should. Simply, the demo's task is to be a Fleshpound's nightmare, hence why the RPG-7 is just a better option.
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    Okay, maybe medic grenades might not be the best idea, but it was certainly the first thing that came to mind when suggesting that the M32 should be reworked into a multi-launcher
    Maybe you could have two types of grenades instead? AP (Armor-Piercing) ones that are very efficient at dealing with a single target (still a bit weaker than the RPG-7 to make up for the fact that you can quickly launch six of them before reloading). And a "frag" option that has a larger radius, to better deal with larger groups of enemies. Hell, maybe you could throw in a third, expensive type of ammunition called a "cluster grenade" (similar to the MIRV from Team Fortress Classic). This would explode and scatter multiple smaller grenades over a wide zone.

    But that's the only way I could see such mechanic work. The demo is all about explosives after all, and I'm a bit tired of perks stealing the spotlight of other perks.
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    I always think of the movie Dogs of War, an early 1980 film where I first saw a grenade launcher with a drum magazine. I always thought that would be perfect for a game like this one. Having it preloaded with different ammo rounds could be fun.
    I mean... It would just behave the same way the M32 does? Both are "revolver-type" grenade launcher... Although the Hawk MM1 has a massive TWELVE grenades loaded !

    I do believe that, should such a mechanic be implemented, the best way would be to have full control on the grenades you load. Maybe the gun could have regular grenades once you purchase it, and then have the option to buy one or more other types of grenades at the Trader Pod? You could then manually load each grenades... So you could have a mag full of "specialty" nades, or a mix of styles !
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