Killing Floor 2: Epic Game Store Authentication and Server Browser Issue PSA: FIXED

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Over the weekend we recieved reports that users were seeing inconsistant authentication issues and servers not properly populating the server browser. As of this morning the team believes it has found the issue in a backend service which as been restarted. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues around this.
Thank you, its working properly now on Epic and the game sessions repopulated the browser :

Killing Floor 2 games 2021-12-23.jpg

No more "authentication failed". :)
No more "connectiuon lost" after the boss wave. :)
And the game matches are repopulating the browser again. :)
Thank you again.
no you dont fix nothing

now servers are lag as hel game is unplayable during trade time you characters is moving like with 999 ping and sadly during waves

Now there is no Epic connection server .
0 matches found in game browser .
The multiplayer game is unplayable and the offline game can be played but as a level 0 character, so the cloud saving/loading is not working as well.
And of course nothing in inventory because it can't load items from servers. There is an error for this as well, "No items could be load from server" or something like that.
I will try later again.
Reset server filters to default and search again. If no servers show up you'll have to sort out client-side connection issues.
I've just saw your answer and loaded the game few minutes ago and now everything has loaded .

My levels/classes are showing up again and the inventory is back.
So it wasn't a filter problem, the Epic link/server seems went offline.

It seems it was a problem at the Epic servers/connection side, for few hours.

As for game browser filter search , was set on Normal difficulty, ive reseted the filters but as i said my classes/levels and the inventory is back and the connection is back online without doing anything .
I just now even joined to a match and i played without any problems.