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[art] Long coat concept

Something I've been working on, a long coat for Reverend Alberts (click image twice to enlarge). Would love to see it in-game in the future.

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looks awesome :D I'd fork out dosh for those any day!
Thank you. Ayee me too 💷
Loving the styles you got here.
Additonal suggestions are welcome!
That's some good stuff. I always liked the new Alberts over the "guy with generic voice" from KF1, and the aesthetic fits his "good shepherd turned avenging angel" backstory from KF2.
Agree. Shame that worn-out jacket stuck throughout kf2's lifespan, I'm hoping for actual cloth physics in the future.
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At first glance, that's not a whole lot different than the outfit he already has. But that's arguably even better because it doesn't feel jarring at all, while still bringing a lot of flair ! It doesn't hurt that I really like your style too : that's a slick-looking Alberts !

I also concur with Onion : Alberts quickly became one of my favourite characters in the game (and I'm not even believing in anything, meanwhile I'm a litteral punk and can't stand Ana...). I like both his Scottish accent and appearance as a priest turned vigilante. He looks straight out of a violent British comics of the 90s ! And with your long coat, he would fit the bill even more so.

Also, it's silly, but the fact you thought of accessories AND variations is a great touch ! Not many people seems to think about that. If you ain't working in concept art as of yet... Please try your luck !
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