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KF-Jaywalkers Tunnel


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 29, 2016
Welcome to high octane Hell! Can you survive the rush hour, dodging Zeds AND speeding cars?
Jaywalkers will have you dancing your little feet off trying to stay alive in possibly one of the most intense Killing Floor 2 custom maps you have played yet.​

Map features:

- 12 lanes of vehicular death, sending forth cascades of speeding cars to flatten anything in their way!

- Randomized vehicle spawner - Lanes spawn random vehicle types at randomized intervals, each moving at varying speed and dealing damage based on its size and weight.

- Full physics support - Watch Zed get flung across the hood of a sedan, go flying through the air or splatter under the weight of a bus.

- Nobody is safe! - Players and lesser Zed suffer almost certain death if struck by a vehicle - only the largest and strongest specimen can potentially survive.

- Trader safety - players gain death immunity during trader waves and all lanes shut down to prevent cars from passing through.

- Each lane is equipped with red warning lights, indicating when a vehicle is active in that lane.
- A handful of custom artwork textures.
- Numerous custom vehicle sound effects.
- Several minor custom destructible actors to shoot and break.


* This map is very challenging. Cars move fast and deal HUGE damage to both Zed and players. If you get hit, you most likely die. Always keep an eye out for the red warning lights and try to stay out of those lanes.

* A Zed that dies to a car without first taking damage from a player will not reward any dosh. Because many Zed will die this way, you should expect to generally earn less dosh on this map. Try 'tagging' as many Zeds as you can by hitting them at least once to earn assist dosh.

* Lanes will stop spawning during Boss and Trader waves, but due to the randomized delay sequence, some vehicles may continue spawning for a short period after the trader has opened - death immunity will keep you alive if you get hit by a car at this point, but you will still take damage down to 1 health.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 12, 2011
Sean, what a great and fun map! Yes very challenging! I finally got to have a couple of go's at it yesterday. We had 6-7 players on our modded server at one point so it was very busy on HOE. Your concept and execution are first rate.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2012
So I just added this to my server tonight. I gotta say...

It's even more fun than the video leads you to believe.

I was on wave 5/7 with a horde of trash with a fleshpound chasing after me. I thought I was smart by lining them up in a lane for a bus.. sad to say I didn't get out of the way in time either lol.

This adds a whole new element of gameplay. Ironically I saw a tribute to frogger on the walls. Perfection, sir. :cool: