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How To Optimize Your Map


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Aug 9, 2009
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This thread is to give mappers tips on making faster running maps. If you have anymore suggestions, please post below


Ways to Optimize Your Map

1: Add cull distance to meshes and emitters

2: Put No collision on complex meshes, or even simple ones. Then add a blocker around them

3A: Convert Solid brushes to mesh, then add no collision


3B: Right click your solid brushes (Blue) goto Type> Non-Solid NOTE: Only works on solid brushes

4: Zone Portals

5: Add anti portals inside walls

6: Open up the Mesh browser, for your meshes, select the mesh, then, (up top of the window) Collision Tools> Fit 6-DOP

7: All surfaces unseen by player, Goto properties (F5) and set Unlit

All surfaces unseen by player, Set the texture to a solid black texture

9: Reduce the MaxParticles in your emitters. (F4) > Emitter > General > MaxParticles

10: Com-pres Lights to Dxt-1 Goto your build options, and under lights, select Dxt-1 then build all in that window

11: Set all complex terrain items (aka: groups of trees, grass, bushes) to a deco layer

12: Set
bshadowcast to False on meshes that dont require a shadow

13: DONT FORGET TO USE THE DEPTH COMPLEXITY VIEW (3D Window) Anything red is laggy


How to convert complex brushes to mesh

Note: It is easier to select your brushes, then copy and paste into a new map

Also note: I refer to the group of brushes that you want to convert as an object.

Step 0: Make sure you object is suspended in mid air

Step 1: Take your builder brush (red brush) and cover the tops bottoms and sides of your "object"

Step 2: Once the Brush is completely covering the object, press the intersect button (its below add)

Step 3: Make sure you click one of the corners so you have a pivot point

Step 4: Right click the brush tool (which is now in the form of your object) and select Convert > StaticMesh

Step 5: Package: MyLevel
------- Group: Whatever
------- Name: TheMeshIMade
Step 6: Goto your static mesh browser, your mesh is in the MyLevel group (Pull down tab)


How to make custom collision for complex objects

For complex collision meshes, you can edit the collision brush.

A- Right click 3d window> view> collision

B- Position the builder brush (red brush) where you want the collision to be for that mesh

C- Select the builder brush, and the mesh. Right click(mesh)> Save brush as collision

D- This will remake the collision for this object, so you can make a simple collision
brush, instead of a complex many angle collision

E- Dont forget to do number 6 up top

6: Open up the Mesh browser, for your meshes, select the mesh, then, (up top of the window) Collision Tools> Fit 6-DOP

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May 23, 2009
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Dec 17, 2009
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