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Hello there people!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 29, 2012
(IDK where to put this really, so I guess it goes here. :D )
Hey there, just registered.

My name is John and I am from Sweden.
I usually play KF atleast 2-3 hours a day.

My Perks:

Field Medic - Level 4 (Just ranked up)
Support Specialist - Level 2
Sharpshooter(Personal Favorite) - Level 5
Commando - Level 1
Zerker(Personal Favorite no. 2) - Level 3
Firebug - Level 1
Demolitions - Level 2

I've been playing since Twisted Christmas 2011(When it was F2P for a while.)
I usually play Suicidal with Sharpshooter, and I get eaten sometimes. :p

I'm gonna stick around mostly in the KF section, so expect some posts there.

That was all I wanted to say. :)

*Flies off to a random Scrake and gives him a cheeseburger.*
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
John you ARE the Gorefasts. But still, welcome!
I mostly stick to Normal and Hard servers, but maybe I'll see you online some day anyway.:)


FNG / Fresh Meat
no1 in the US agrees with my viewpoints (political especially). im not going to tell u what they r in specifically, because u will probably just troll me.
well, that neither means the US sucks (it just means people don't agree with you there, and also, possibly, that it simply isn't the best choice for you) nor is it necessarily true (it IS the third most populous country, SOMEONE will agree with you). And while some may troll you, the forum is mostly full of good souls, so I doubt anyone would do anything serious, malicious, or the like.

also, INuero, I hope you know this is the Podium, not necessarily the Killing Floor forums (not exclusively, anyways)- people often get mixed up and/or lost.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 20, 2006
Montreal Quebec
no1 in the US agrees with my viewpoints (political especially). im not going to tell u what they r in specifically, because u will probably just troll me.
As much as it's interesting to have political discussions, they can generate a lot of trouble, hate, disagreements and so on.

For that reason I don't think anyone is agreeing or disagreeing with you.

Also forum rules, no political discussions :eek:

I can't say I wouldn't mind, I have a lot to say about Harper. But rules are rules.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 9, 2011
California USA
You typing like a 13 year old girl isn't making your viewpoint any better looking. Also, what?
Sry Nestor, one last thing :p I have the ability to type with proper grammar and all that, I just choose not to because it's alot slower for me. And you don't even know what my viewpoint is, and I'm not going to tell you since we aren't supposed to have political discussions.