Deliberate TK's in matches

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 17, 2006
Placed this in the server place as TBH I don't know where to put it. I figure this way some server admins will see it and will thus be able to put their immense admin sized brains to work on this one. In a couple of matches we played lately it appears that our opposition have indulged in a spot of constructive TK'ing. It seems the dodge is to spawn as a sniper or MG'er and get killed by a member of your own team who then picks up sniper rifle or MG. Result? more snipers or MG'ers than the map was designed for. Now I'm not gonna name names or indulge in a spot of tantrum throwing, I'm genuinely in seach of a solution to this one. Is the answer a mutator or is a codicil needed in whatever rules are applied to leagues to prevent this. On the one hand it can be seen as a 'dodge' but surely it goes against the 'spirit of the game'. I would ask that any person answering this REFRAINS FROM NAMING NAMES, as thats not what this is about. Its about finding a grown up solution to the problem.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
Falmouth UK
While its possible, i've never seen a clan use it because its ineffective as hell. On most occasions if its for more smoke its more effective to just throw your smoke and then die than suicide to give smoke to your nades.

An mg or sniper can die pretty fast, no use in tking or letting your main sniper suicide every time the second sniper would die..

Sure people will grab weaponry of dead soldiers and take over their positions because snipers mgs commanders etc have an important placement into tactics.

It can only work if you're 100% certain that the person you suicide for to give your weapon hardly ever dies =\.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 19, 2006
we played a friendly lately on Basovka, and in the end we had about 4 people equiped with sniper rifles. Anyway, there was no TK included, simply my mates were dug in at the station, and as soon as a comrade died, somebody grabbed his rifle. Also, we captured a few Kar98/scoped from ze germanz. Was kind of weird to see all this sniper-kills popping up when you are supposed to be the guy sniping :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 19, 2006
here to kill your monster
I'm a bit suprised if this is a new thing.

Made me wonder - is the ability to call for mg-ammo linked to the class or the merely the possesion of an MG (I imagine the former as otherwise a deliberate death would not be nessesary)

It can only work if you're 100% certain that the person you suicide for to give your weapon hardly ever dies =\

Creating a new sniper was an old fav in vietcong ctf- dropping the rifle to be used by someone in a safe rear position - where the weapon could then be re-used further by respawners even in the rare event of death, and endlessly resupplied by enginneer.

In RO, sure if you pick up a dead pal's G43 you create an extra auto but that's just good fortune really, luck that could also befall your opponent.
However I agree that deliberate creation of new snipers or MG is a slightly shady tactic but in public, even though it is an frustrating exploit, can you really get too upset? (at least it shows some teamwork)
But certainly in clan matches, although I don't play em, I say this would be a most ungentlemanly tactic.

Other than admin intervention, obvious way to fix I guess would be if a dead sniper no longer dropped ammo - or to a greater extreme the weapon itself.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 22, 2006
Why not just have snipers and MGs not drop their weapons when they die? It does sound like it would unbalance the maps if you have more snipers/mg's than you should


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 19, 2006
In CoD we used to not "drop" weapons upon death or we had them fade away after a set time and we also used to limit the classes (much like RO does now). There were always the arguments that one could pick up a fallen comrades weapon (or enemy weapon). But having 20 MG's being used simply was not what we enjoyed.

With regard to RO, hmmmm. As weapons and ammo do not infinitely lay around anyway, and to avoid the arguement of picking up a fallen soldier's weapons, would it be possible to code the program so that TK's resulted in NO weapons, ammo, grenades, etc being dropped? It would stink for the truly accidental TK, but those should generally be rare and a small price to pay. That might also help with the pubs TK'ing for weapons problem.