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Nov 3, 2009
Madera, CA
I have been seeing post of people who want to do some suicidal map with some good players. Well, if you need the maps, or just want to get some games going, the Clan admins are Nips_FB, Pawz_FB, and myself Anubis_FB. We have 2 private servers we use and run public to allow the KF community to enjoy and share in the victory.

My Server is FB Proving Grounds
If you do not play a 5 or 6 in suicidal maps, you will either be asked to switch, or kicked. Depends on history or respect of server rules. Remember that most the time this server is not up unless the admins are online.

Server Rules-
1. Play at least a lvl 5 character
2. Respect the other players
3. Demos/Firebugs will be monitored for over use of blindness
4. Admins request you play as a team
5. Have fun

The success rate with completing suicidal on an FB server is much better then your standard pub server. We activly monitor the server, because we are the admins, and we make sure people follow the rules, or they face what we call "Dos Boot".

No need to join Clan FB, we do not recruit activley, however, our methods of recruiting is to basiclly find out how well we can work with you and give you a trial run for a few games. We are willing to assist players who still need the suicidal maps that are willing to follow the server rules.
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Oct 29, 2010
Good deal. Are your clan servers based in the West Coast? Looks like I'll be playing here from now on. :)