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  • Would you be interested in joining a skinning competition for fun?

    You can skin zeds or players, it's your choice! You can also send me as many pics as you want of different skins, only the top 10 I think will be displayed as a poll to vote on. There is no prize as it is for fun, but ppl may choose to use them on their servers. I am hoping to do something for the winner tho, plz pm me if interested!
    After we've played a few games were people were using a high level perk but also using weapons of there lowest perks makes me come to the conclusion that once we see a low level perk, no questions asked they get the boot!!!
    sorry to bother you, but i am asking players who are currently online fit hey had any suggestions for mappings. I will go on a map creating spree as well as making a few mods. If you have suggestion post on my thread " Suggestions for Mapping" I am just trying to get a few suggestions before i start. thanks in advance
    Graphic Design is great. I use photoshop and merge several real terrains into a panoramic before i creat a 3D landscape, works really well. When i design characters, i use MilkShape. We should get an online session going on some time, do you use a itablet to design?
    What kind of scripts are you speaking of? Game Scripts or Story Scripts? If you have some stories i'd like to see a sample of your work. I will be going to San Jose this weekend for a Game Developers Conference. You should go, although you wont be able to get into the Panel Discussion room, unless you have a pass.
    I havent been doing game development. Just testing games as a hobbie. Just for friends and person anger at players using exploits. I also do script writing and graphic design (only did 2 years of that tho).
    FPS's are really hard to develop, we have one out called "Nocturnal" It's a four level game. Each level takes about 20 min. or less to complete. We had this system where protagonist would go into "night vision" mode which would enhance his speed and attack power, sort of like Far Cry: Instincts system. My group and i had a solid story, but as we got further into the story became complicated and the mechanics became unbearable. We are thinking fof starting a new game, but we need to gather some more people and some new equipment. Early 2010 we will begin developing. How long have you been into game development?
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