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Level Design Artillery time


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Nov 26, 2005
The Netherlands
I wonder did with Rising Storm something change with the artillery time ?

I noticed weird interval times on my artillery. Like they depend on the
lenght of the map playtime. The first release had the weirdest.
16 minutes for Axis and 10 for Allies.

Now In the 2th release I only game 5 rounds of mortar each team and
with a map play lenght of about 37 minutes its an interval time of 7 minutes.
Could be I forgot where I changed it in my RO maps but its somewhat weird.
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The way it works is this, you put the number for the artillery type in the world info, we'll say it looks like this:

Axis Mortars: 8
Axis Artillery: 6
Axis Heavy Gun/Rockets: 3

And the map time is: 20 minutes

What you do, is divide the time by the number of strikes available for a particular type. Lets start with Mortars:

(20*60)/8 = 150

That means every 150 seconds a mortar strike will be available for the Axis. Lets do the Artillery now.

(20*60)/6 = 200

That means every 200 seconds an artillery strike will be available for the Axis.

Conversely, if you have a setup like this:

Axis Mortars = 2
Map Time = 20

That would mean you would have to wait a full 10 minutes between mortar strikes!

Each type of artillery is NOT mutually exclusive meaning that firing off a Mortar strike does not mean you can back it up immediately with an Artillery strike, you have to wait for the Mortars to "cool down" then you can do any of the teams allotted strike capabilities.

Hope that helps you out!
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