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  • Funny how a map ended fifth in the RO Ostfront 1941-1945 contest got
    ported twice for their current game and we never seen any of the other maps......
    hello, i'm here to invite you to a game, where you can earn some Euros, Yes Euros!! In the beginning you need a little work, but in a couple weeks you have something to start the investment.
    This game isn't cool only because you can win some Euros but because it's a simulator of the real life, where you can become President, congress member, Businessman, fighter, Redactor, etc...
    Your country need's help so what are you waiting for??? here you have the chance to win real money and to show the world why your country is the best.

    I'm waiting for you there ;)
    My problem probably is that I''m not a person who shut up after being dealt with plain bull^%$#.
    At least one guy with a reasonable post....


    Guess the answer is blowing in the wind.
    Had some football training then a few beers some bacardi cola and got home and realized the balance of Coldsteel must be spot on as really nobody had something to say about it since the latest patch and release. :cool::cool::cool::cool:
    Drecks just wanted to let you know your maps are amazing. Been playing your stuff since United offensive. Brilliant. Hope to see more in the future. Take care.
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