24th Panzer Pleb Night!

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May 16, 2007
Note, time changed to 8 PM EST!

Hey guys!

Every Friday 24th Panzer is hosting a gaming night for people not in our unit to come join us on our 64 man server (we use all the realism settings we possibly can) and our TS3 server!

The battle starts tonight at 8:00 EST! If you want to come on TS bring booze so we can all get hammered together in the typical German fashion (I actually have nasty peach schnapps my family made for me just waiting xD).

The info for both is as follows:

RO2 Server: ro.24Pz.org:7777

TS3: ts.24Pz.org:1488

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Nov 21, 2010
The Netherlands
I'd like to meet you guys, a bit late for me but I can at least play for an hour or so, looking forward to it. Just checked the cellar and there's enough Belgian beer to last a zombie apocalypse :p