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  • Your post in reply to me saying that TKing people for not advancing is not realistic:
    "Tking isn't realistic? ORLY? Close to 13,500+ executed Russians in Stalingrad disagree."

    I pointed out that almost all of those executed were not for "camping" which was the entire premise behind the thread. The justification that it is okay to TK campers because Russians did it in real life has been shown to be false. You are already starting to acknowledge this. So unless RO2 simulates stealing rations and deserting your post to go get drunk, your "ORLY" argument is irrelevant.

    Your argument has been flimsy and you are currently backpeddling.

    Question: How many aliases are you going to make?
    It would help if you could read -- This is becomming a big problem for you. Do they not teach you to read in America? I'm suprised you passed your degree... Was it in a directional school? Please quote where I stated that all 13,500 were killed specifically on the spot for not advancing? You're the one who jumped to that conclusion.

    What's it like being wrong? Does it hurt...?

    I was out for the weekend when I got back I saw you'd had me banned. Total time spent owning you was 5 minutes, don't flatter yourself Mr history degree :) Go call your friends to keep banning. Also "kid" smug much? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    1. You failed to address where I pointed out that those executed were almost all for other reasons other than "advance or die". Anthony Beavors Stalingrad actually attests to this, which makes it so funny that you listed it as a document which supports your argument! So odd that you tell me that I should "read" when you apparently didn't read (or just ignored) this part of my argument. Not to mention you obviously didn't bother to "read" this in Beavors Stalingrad.

    2. I never argued that the total number of executed were wrong. I argued that you were wrong in assuming all the executed were killed for not advancing in battle

    Here's my exact quote from that thread: "I also want to see where any of those 3 books said those 13,000 were executed for not advancing during attacks. I have already addressed the reason for the executions; you however have no responded to those points!"

    I bolded and underlined the part that you failed to read or comprehend.

    3. I never had the admins step in. You received your one infraction in the thread and continued to post; some other infraction you received for immature or abusive behavior must have led to your banning.

    4. Thanks for coming back days later, finding my profile, creating a picture for me, and actually going through a book to find info that doesn't even improve your argument. Obsessed much? Btw enjoy your permanent ban kid; nice knowin ya.
    "To the South, where the reatreat Moskvin abhorred was taking place, news of the order chilled the blood of depressed, tired men. 'As the divisional commander read it,' a military correspondent wrote, 'the people stood rigid. It made out skin crawl.' It was one thing to insist on sacrifice but quite another to be making it. But even then, all that the men were hearing was a repetition of familiar rules. Few soldiers by this stage of the war would not have seen or heard about at least one summary execution, the laggard or deserter drawn aside and shot without relfection or remorse. The numbers are hard to establish since tribunals were seldom involved, but it is estimated that 158,000 were formally sentenced and executed during the course of the war. However this figure makes no allowance for the thousands whose lives ended in the roadside dust, the stressed and tired conscripts shot at "betrayers of the motherland", nor for the thousands more shot for retreating - or even seeming to retreat - as the battle loomed. At Stalingrad, as many as 13,500 men are thought to have been shot in the space of a few weeks."

    -Catherine Merridale, Ivan
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