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  1. B

    Where is the Ray Tracing update for PC? (Maneater)

    Where is the rat tracing update for maneater on pc??? You announced that it was coming in early 2021 and were are entering Q4 now. Also will you be adding HDR to PC for this game.
  2. L

    Can we have this conversation now?

  3. L

    Removing CTB Beta from steam account

    Hello! Can we remove or hide it somehow? It's a bit annoying p.s. I'm asking about the steam account, not local library
  4. blackwaltz7

    Friends From Other Platforms list not populating (steam)

    i connected my epic store and steam accounts and have allowed access to killing floor 2. it was working fine until about 2am last night, at this time i was disconnected from the game, but the rest of the group wasn't. they were all playing on epic, while i was using steam. when we attempted to...
  5. Roudatar

    Desolation mixed up map achievements

    The steam achievements (atleast for me) for this map are mixed up. So, for finding all the collectables on the map I got the achievement for completing the map on HoE difficulty. For completing the map on hard difficulty I got the achievement for finding all the collectables. And for completing...
  6. Yoshiro

    Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Opt In Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    To opt into this beta, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop-down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag: app_update 232130 -beta preview Event Grim Treatments Prepare for the tricks and treats in this year’s ghastly Grim Treatment update! Wander inside...
  7. Yoshiro

    Grim Treatments Opt-In Beta 1 Survey

    As always, a big thank you to all our players who opt-in to a beta to help us fine tune systems and discover issues to correct before the final release! For those who are taking part in the latest beta for the upcoming Grim Treatments release, please take a moment to fill out this survey as we...
  8. xgmx

    Steam won't update

    I know there are already over 5000 posts on the official Steam forum about this and the problem has been going on since 2007 (according to Steam), but I spoke with 3 friends at school who play Garry's Mod & Portal, they said that Steam worked for them now, yet it still doesn't work for me.