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Alternative A.I behavior


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 17, 2009
The Fleshpound could hear your running footsteps maybe, i mean have more awareness or be a little more agressive in searching than the others
I do plan to implement a system for detecting movement (which includes footsteps), meaning you are more likely to be heard or seen if moving quickly. Aggressiveness will definitely depend on the specimen - some will be more curious, persistent, and careful. Although I haven't given each specimen separate attributes yet they can each have their own field of vision and hearing/seeing distances, so some will be able to see further but will have a limited field of vision, and vice versa.

if weaker zeds could walk around in packs like 3 togheter would be awesome too (seems so on the beggining of the vid but i wonder if they would stay togheter for much longer), but i would be allready glad to play as is on the video, it would make a considerable difference, new gameplay experiences (would open way for a new type of maps too i guess?)
I've been thinking about trying to implement this, since the individual weaker specimens aren't really much of a threat of their own. Having them travel in small packs with the followers briefly checking corridors the pack passes would be cool.

Please don't take this wrong but I have to say this. It does seem like they have gone "dumb" and it'll cause easy tactics to get away for example, on mansion you ran behind the thing and only one saw you...easy get-a-way.
Well the idea of the system is that you can sneak around them. It is too easy at the moment since they don't yet hear footsteps (and as you can see in the video they have a limited seeing distance too, but that's something easily changed). Additionally they just currently walk between destinations without looking around; I will rectify this soon.

The above would be great but i'd maybe add a special sort of ability for scrake/flesh pound/patriarch which when raged, tells the others around them where the survivors are or atleast make them try follow them. This would add more strategy to the game as it's like if you tell them where you are, they will try to ambush you.
Allowing the bigger guys to 'spot' players for nearby specimens is something I have planned. :)

Thanks for the comments and ideas guys.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 26, 2010
Sounds good and I hope to see the later versions as this could be something I might have on my servers for those with a different taste of gameplay to what I have.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 17, 2009
good idea and work so far;)

here are my 50 cent:

- husks should try to keep distance.
- stalker should try to get behind the player and backstab.
- zeds should keep distance to rooms and areas with players camping in.

-i think this KI is great for single palyer.
-in coop the "overwhelming" of the crowd is gone.
-its most likely the team will split up in several singel Players.
-maybe it breaks the camping of players. especially in big maps cause u have to search the zeds. could be pain on maps like farm.

keep up the good work



FNG / Fresh Meat
May 6, 2010
Nice suggestions above, but many of the suggestions so far are not absolutely necessary to the gameplay, thats a large ammount of coding allready for only 1 guy.

All the overwhelming in coop does is to make players camp, and the total lack of objectives regarding anything but killing the zeds doesnt help.

I really like the overwhelming and thats what i try the harder to do on my little mod, right now i use sandbox with a larger ammount of simultaneous specimens and stronger zeds on early waves to force me to run the entire map in a killing spree.

Weapons balance force my squad to have a weapon specific guy to kill some specific zeds, for example, FP can only be killed by 2 guns, M99 or Law, they weight too much to carry anything else but a self defense weapon, as well as a guy that will carry the welder, or pipe bombs and a smg, flamethrower to kill the hundreds of bloats, m79 to kill crawlers infestation since its not worth shooting with assault rifles due to really expensive ammo etc, there are many roles, yet the artificial perks are disabled.

The only coop element of this game is the weapons limitations, due to artificial perks, i eliminated that and there wasnt much left at all, im trying my ways to make it required again, with more success than the stock game imo.

Hopefully Benjamins mod will help change most of this.
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