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Worst World War II (Themed) Movie Ever....


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Apr 12, 2006
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maconha said:
The Thin Red Line. That's a good movie with good actors, no bull**** Spielberg scripts...
That was one of the worst melodramatic loads of guff I have ever seen... but that is just my opinion.The monologue reads like a 12 year olds' Poetry Contest Entry. :)
My Top 3 "
Victory at Sea" :D
"Shindlers List"...this movie made me cry...and I aint no panzy.; )
"Band of Brothers" based on the stories of REAL Men and their war experiance. With great visual effects too.

The Worst,"WindTalkers"...with Dickoless Cage. :D:eek:

Movie I want to see..."Flags of Our fathers" from director Clint Eastwood about Iwo Jima... finally a good Pac-Theater Movie???
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