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World War II Online Media Resource


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2010
Here are some links to WWII era films I've compiled:

USAAF Related

8th Air Force Fighter Operations - Jan. 1945
Conquest by Air
Expansion to Airpower
Fortress of the Sky (Color)
Memphis Belle (Color)
How to Fly the B-17: Flight Operations
How to Fly the B-26 Airplane
How to Fly the P-47: Pilot Familiarization
How to Fly the P-47: Ground Handling, Take-Off, Normal Flight, Landing
How to Fly the P-47: High Altitude Flight and Aerobatics
Introduction to the P-39
Flying the P-39
Flying the P-61
Mission Accomplished: The Story of the Flying Fortress
P-38 Flight Characteristics (Color)
Target for Today
The Fight for the Sky
The Last Bomb (Color)
The Thunderbolts - Ramrod to Emden
The Turbosupercharger: Master of the Skies
Thunderbolt (Color)
USAAF Recruiting Trailers
USAAF Report 1944
Air War in Europe
Target Invisible
Operation Titanic
The Rear Gunner
Identification of Aircraft - Japanese Fighters 96 & 97
Recognition of the Japanese Zero

US Army Related

7th Infantry Division
At the Front in North Africa (Color)
Normandy: The Airborne Invasion of Fortress Europe
The Fighting First
The Liberation of Rome
US Cal. .30 M1 - Principles of Operation
Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Rifle
Autobiography of a Jeep
Eve of Battle
D-Day Minus One
First Pictures Invasion of France
Battle of France
Liberation of France Forges On
Third Army Blasts Nazi Strongholds
Action at Angaur
The True Glory
The Battle of San Pietro
Report from the Aleutians
Kill or Be Killed
Combat Bulletins

USN/USMC Related

December 7th
Avenge December 7
Battle of Midway
The Battle of Midway (Color)
The Battle for the Beaches
The Fighting Lady (Color)
The 957th Day
To the Shores of Iwo Jima (Color)
Glamour Gal (Color)
Fury in the Pacific
Aerial Torpedo Attack: High Speed High Altitude
The Fleet That Came to Stay
The Saga of the Franklin (Color)
Okinawa Bulletin No. 2 - Final Phases (Color)
The 6th Marine Division on Okinawa (Color)
The Marianas Pt. 1 - Saipan
Japanese Paper Balloon
Don't Kill Your Friends


Know Your Ally: Britain
My Japan
Why We Fight: Prelude to War
Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike
Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer
Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain
Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia Pt. 1
Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia Pt. 2
Why We Fight: The Battle of China
Why We Fight: War Comes to America
Appointment in Tokyo
Universal Newsreels
Castle Films


Die Deutsche Wochenschau

Here are some links to Ebooks:

USAF Historical Office Publications
Marines in WWII Commemorative Series
USMC Electronic Publications Library
Navy Department Library
US Army WWII Commemorative Brochures
US Army WWII Books & Research Materials
How to Shoot the US Army Rifle (M1)
Coral Comes High