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Wonder what these youngsters will become?


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Jun 25, 2011
That lonely, greedy, materialistic part goes for all western nations. It's better for our rulers and the companies they work for if we're a bunch of psychologically crippled, docile consumers. Most advertising attacks the ego and offers a solution in the form of a product these days.
I usually say:

"everyone that have lived in norway for over a year is spoiled."

funny thing is. everysingle person I told them this "quote". they have gotten mad. because everyone believe their not spoiled. and everyone I discuessed this with have always lost the discussion.

I heard several funny arguments. like.

"I only get 2k dollars a month, I can afford a house, a car, clothings, food and electricity. but I can't afford anything else. like a new tv or anything. how can you call that spoiled?"

funny thing in this discussion is that the guy got FREE money from the state because he had no job xD

and yeah norway is kinda wicked like that. you usually get about 25%+ of your old sallary from the state if you lose your job in anysort of way. (unless you earn like ALOT and there are a minimum sallary of 150,000.00 NOK = 25,140.72 USD) and yes... everyones get it.... wonder where all my tax money goes to.....

EDIT: this was my 1,337 post xD
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