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Will reloads be interruptible?

The DooD

Grizzled Veteran
Sep 3, 2011
So this is the most important question I don't think I've really seen mentioned, I should really search for it but I just wanted to ask.

Will reloads be interruptible? It was a huge mechanic in KF just because it could quite easily get you killed, or if you were a medic it might not allow you to save a teammate.

But on the plus side, it meant that if you were reloading and tried to switch weapons, you would know for sure that the weapon you switched from is definitely reloaded if you ever needed to switch back to it.

But I'm sure most people, especially when they first played Killing Floor, absolutely hated the non-interruptible reloads. It's almost immersion breaking and very annoying to begin with coming from most other games.