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What I want for KF3


Jul 26, 2019
One of the main thing that I love about KF is the simplicity of the game. The perks and skill are straight forward and simple, the guns are the guns you buy, no modification and the gameplay is just straight up killing (with some different game mode being really fun).

I think that I wish the mist KF3 be a simple game, not like most games that have way too many perks to care for and too much customization that changes the game. I want a simply game like KF1 and KF2.

And I really don't like the HRG guns on KF2, they can keep that idea out. Also please let there be metal in the background.

What do you think? What do you want for KF3? Imo the KF2 style of gameplay it's the best game that there is. KF2 is in the top for me and I've played for some years now.
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Well, the main gripe I have with HRG weapons is that a lot of them are pretty silly... And of course, they don't look very appealing. I'm puzzled why they removed the ability to apply skins to them. But other than that, they're pretty much just weapons. Instead of the HRG Buckshot, they could have added a shotgun pistol and it would have pretty much been the same thing.

I'm also confident that the soundtrack will have metal on it. It's part of the franchise's DNA at that point. I wouldn't expect them to go synthpop or rap ! But I do hope the songs will be dirtier, maybe even industrial.

As for complexity... I personally believe the KF1 formula to be a little dated. It's charming in its simplicity, and super easy to understand. But we're in 2023 and new games are being released all the time. If you want players to stick with you, you gotta have stuff to keep them busy. The core mechanics should DEFINITELY stay the same, but I believe the skill and upgrade system could be brought back and expanded upon. Let players experiment with various playstyles.
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