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Versus Mode: Replace "VS Survival" with "VS Boss Rotation"


Active member
Feb 1, 2011
The current implementation of Versus is just plain bad, and I don't even know if it CAN be fixed. Maybe this would be a good replacement?

VS Boss Rotation

Player levels are overridden during this mode (If you're not level 25, then your level will be bumped up just for this game mode). You can still gain perk XP for use in Survival, Endless and Objective.
Starting dosh can be modified by server admins, but the default is $5000
For the first wave, a random player will be selected to be Dr. Hans Volter
Subsequent waves will be dependent on who has dealt the most damage to Volter, with exact number tie breakers being "Longest time spent alive"

Dr. Hans Volter

Stats mostly identical to Survival counterpart. As for how he would play, I think he would probably be more similar to player controls than The Patriarch (will also be in first person)

Double-pressing a directional key will cause Volter to dash
Has a sprint meter if his healthbar is Green, Yellow or Orange. Sprinting is infinite when health is at the red.
Dodging has its own cooldown independent from sprinting

Heal Self:
Pressing Q will put up Hans' Shield, unequipping his weapon and puts him in a permanently sprinting state. Colliding with a player will cause him to enter his healing state. Can use this at any time, so he CAN put up his shield at a much later time than the NPC counterpart will.


Ammo: 10 per type (smoke grenades are infinite)
Grenade button: Throw a grenade. Duh. (Hold for Barrage)
Barrage consumes all available grenades
Grenades regenerate over time.

Dual Mkb42 (Primary)
Equips poison grenades when wielded
Primary Fire: Full auto only
Secondary Fire: Aim Down Sights (Will always use the Incinerate and Detonate sights)
Middle Mouse Button: Bayonet stab
Ammo: 60 + inf.
Melee Bash: Kick

Claws (Melee)
Equips HE grenades when wielded
Primary Fire: Light attack
Secondary Fire: Heavy attack
Middle Mouse Button: Block
Melee Bash: Mkb42 bayonet slashes