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Level Design TWI's Crucible Custom Map Server: Event Schedule


All right, here wwe are at Dec 28th.

Where has the time gone?

Today, for the Crucible Custom map OGG event I'll simply select four
personal favorites from our ever growing list:

TE-Streets of Stalingrad
TE_Myshkova River
RSTE-Phosphate Plant

That will be today at 3pm US EST on The Crucible.

Please join us if the relatives have left your home by now,
otherwise, hand them a keyboard & mouse. :D

Best wishes,

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Now that the New Year is here, and presumably the contest maps have been
satisfactorily evaluated, I'm going to again diversify our event choices
to a great degree so that folks don't get worn out on a narrow selection.

For Thursday, January 2nd, 2014, 2pm US EST, The Crucible Custom Map OGG event will feature:


TE-No Man's Hill

RSTE-Biblio Hill


Let's get in there and enjoy some gunfire and other light-hearted fun.

Best wishes,

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We had a pretty good session yesterday. Thanks to everyone who joined.
The Boss gave a shout-out and folks responded. The Custom maps event went into extended time. Bravo. I hope people enjoyed the new maps.

Remember to place your thoughts about newly introduced work in the beta map threads started by their map developers. This is the only way they can get useful feedback to help them enhance their work. Don't just make remarks in the game channels. Be sure to check the Crucible thread in "Level design" for info on accessing the TS channel that is set aside for mappers and players for the purpose of helpful dialogue.

Best wishes,

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Yesterday's event was a little sleepy, but the fighting was intense by those
that made it. Very capable players. The Crucible seems to be solidly perched
in the 40s percentile range internationally according to GT. I'm very grateful
to all of you for the continued player support, particularly since custom maps
are our only bill of fare.

For Saturday, Jan 25th, 3pm US EST, The Crucible Custom Map OGG event will feature:



Please join us then.

Best wishes,

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