The Ball - Speedrun - By Wormior

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 7, 2011
Moscow, Russia
I don't have a clue where this thread should go, but I put it here. I'm sorry if I put in the wrong place. I really loved the Ball, so I decided to speedrun it. This isn't my first speedrun, I speedrunned Codename Gordon last year.

I use various techniques throughout my run. I constantly use focus to know the Ball's location. I bunnyhop, as the player has a faster speed while in the air from jumps. I use a technique I call focus-rolling, which is running towards the Ball, using focus to aim towards it, and then hammer it. This way, no matter which direction I am facing, I can quickly launch the ball in any direction.

This is my speedrun of Pehua:

The Ball - Speedrun - Pehua - Part 1 - By Wormior - YouTube.

The Ball - Speedrun - Pehua - Part 2 - By Wormior - YouTube

My final time for Pehua was 10 minutes and 54 seconds according to the in game counter.

I will attempt to speedrun all levels. Please criticize my run, and tell me how I can improve.
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