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Summer 2020 beta: My thoughts


Active member
Feb 1, 2011
The new map
It's actually one of the better maps I've seen so far. While we're no longer killing evil clowns in steampunk environments, I think this map works extremely well with the game's pacing, and the combination of spacious and claustrophobic areas really works in its favour.

Balance changes

I can definitely see people not being all too impressed at them and while I haven't really noticed much of anything with its increased damage, I can personally appreciate having a stopgap towards the HRG Incendiary Rifle. Again, I don't expect people to pick the MAC-10 over the Incendiary Rifle, but if you need that extra dosh to buy a couple magazines and some armor, I think the MAC-10 can do well enough at zed killing until you can sell it. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing IMO

Seeker Six
I'll be honest, i was expecting to get disappointed with the weapon's performance though I.. actually like it this time around. From my experience, it's a pretty well-rounded weapon for a Tier 4 weapon and I think its strength actually comes in its synergy with the newest addition, the HRG Kaboomstick, which i will get into detail later. However, I would not recommend using the Kabbomstick+Seeker combo for the boss wave.

HRG Weapons

HRG Kaboomstick
I can see why Tripwire made this thing a Tier 3 weapon and also made it slightly heavier than the original Double-Barreled Shotgun. With the double-barreled shotgun blast, the Kaboomstick can make short work with a lot of threats and is for the most part a much better version of the HX-25 Grenade Pistol, which is already a powerful weapon in its own right.

The only complaint I really have is that its killing power against gorefasts feels inconsistent a lot of times, especially when compared with shotguns and the HX-25 Grenade Pistol. IMO, i think Gorefasts and Gorefiends should have a 1.15 weakness to the Kaboomstick's projectiles. Otherwise, this gun and the new map are tied to the best additions to this update.

HRG Teslarifle
While I have been saying for the longest time that the Berserker needs a ranged weapon due to KF2's focus on ranged combat, I don't think this weapon was very well thought out.

First off, the fact that we're giving the Berserker makes the perk overpowered thanks to the weapon not requiring any amount of skill to regenerate your health.

Second, the intention of making it a late-game weapon isn't really that much of a good idea since by the time a Berserker can afford this thing, money is already a non-issue for him since he has most likely bought a Hemoclobber, Zweihander, Static Strikers or Bone Crusher.

Personally, I think the ideal implementation for a ranged Berserker weapon would be either dual pistols or some other form of medium range semi-automatic weapon. At the very least, a pair of pistols counting as a Berserker weapon would require him to still go into melee range as he can't rely on the sluggish reloads of non-GS dual pistol reloads.

I think the best course of action would be to rework this gun entirely for usage in the hands of either the Commando or Survivalist. Either way, I think it's back to the drawing board for figuring out how to give the Berserker a ranged weapon for a ranged game.

Seasonal objectives
After my experience with the Yuletide Horrors and Neon Nightmares updates, I think the following text requires ALL CAPS to be used:


However, the generator objective can be a bit difficult given the frantic nature of this game, so I guess it's not a wasted objective slot. My biggest complaint with the last two events is that folks that try to get the achievement items were punished for not participating in the betas. This is not the case with the current set of objectives.