South Korea and Soviet Union?

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 26, 2018
1. South Korea sent over 320,000 troops to serve in the Vietnam conflict between 1965 to 1973. It would be nice to see the South Korean's make an addition to the game.

2. The Soviet Union did send over 3,000 militaries advisors to aid in the conflict with a lot of equipment to supply the North. In a recorded incident, they did however fought against American forces in an air raid in 1965. Even though the Soviet Union's troop count is a low amount, I think it would be nice to at least mix them in the ranks of the North Vietnamese army for troop selection type for Rising Storm.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 11, 2018
Seeing the ROK would be cool, I guees? The Russians is a hell no. They spent their time in North Vietnam helping train troops and commanders as well as teaching how to use their weapons. the Russians almost NEVER was in the front line because if one of them died and was found it could have been seen as Russian military hostilities and would start open conflict between the US and USSR.