Server Browser Showing Players in a Server when There Are None

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Mister Master

Oct 11, 2020
Category: Server Browser

Reproducibility: Sometimes?

Summary: Searching for game modes in a server browser for endless shows players in a server, but when I join, no one is there.

Description: I go into the Server Browser and search for endless game modes, with no custom servers, no local admin, any game length, any map, Hard difficulty, <150ms ping. I also select "No Empty Servers". Nothing shows up that I like. I then unselect "No Empty Servers". I find one server that didn't show up the first time (when "No empty servers" was checked) with two players in it on wave ~43, map Dystopia 2029. I join, only to find no one is there, it is sitting on wave 43, and I cannot play due to the already known server bug. I quit, refresh the server browser, and find that same server. It still says 2 people are in it. I join the same server again, and again, no one is there, and it is still unplayable.

I joined a different endless server with other players on it and no problem.

Ultimately, the server filters may have been correct, showing that server as an "empty server", but the browser list itself always showed 2 people in that server.

Online/Offline: I have only tried this online.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
It's just a bug that got introduced when kf2 was released into epic games store, with the transition into EOS api.
Devs know about it, and still trying to fix it..... just that fixing taking too long.