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3D & Animation SDK Character Rig? And ability to load .bip?


Apr 6, 2015
Hi. I read one of the devs say they will release the rig but it never was. Is it out there, coz I want to add my custom .bip files into ostfront but have no idea how to without the 3d max files? I want to replace crawling crouching, running etc, with my new animations for a total conversion mod. Ive pmed dev Yoshiro but no response, I was told by [TW]Ramm-Jagaer I could get the animation source files for by asking Yoshiro to point me to the right person since dev [RO]Zerisus I think is no longer part of these forums, his name cannot be found, but his the one with the max files and animations. [TW]Ramm-Jagaer said "If you guys have animation related questions you should PM [RO]Zerisus, or if you can't get a hold of him PM Yoshiro and ask him to put you in contact with the right person. I know our lead animator has shared the actually source files for the animation rigs for some weapons and player stuff with some of the RO Mod teams. So PM the poeple I listed above for stuff like that." I really need these files otherwise me and my team cant make the mod.
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