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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 15, 2017
So there is a lot of buzz around the commando of late, and I wanted to ask a serious question... why take take the scar over anything else?
I mean, there does not seem to be a point.
If you want to kill scrakes, the classics DPS and mag of the AK-12 has you there, and for killing trash, why should you take anything other than FAL, Stoner (though even that choice is seen as iffy in some circles), HM-401 or AK-12 (possibley upgraded). FAL does more damage, has a scope, AK-12 has similar damage, much bigger mag, HM-tech can heal, and the LMG has... bigger mag. So what does the SCAR do? IMO, it seems to have lost its identity.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Easier recoil control, faster fire rate and single fire mode + faster reload speed.
Prefference thing but i find it easier to kill sc with scar than with ak12.

Other than that, the commando has such versatile arsenal, that the only weapons that make no sense to buy is L85 and mkb.

If you want to focus on trash, hm5 + m16, or stoner with m16 with eat lead skill.

A bit of everything: hm4 with fal or upgraded scar/ak12.

Imo the only reason to pick fal is when you're determined that you will challenge Fleshpounds.
Because of FAL being in a different weapon dmg group, it deals 75% dmg rather than 50% of other mando weapons and with it upgraded, it can kill fp with one mag to the head (50% larger mag recommended)
And ofc you can pair it with either ak or scar.... Scar imo would be a better option as it has slightly larger ammo pool and is easier to save ammo with.


May 20, 2009
I honestly don't get the hate for some commando weapons. I'm almost the opposite. For everything below, I do all damage and speed reload increases, never larger mag.

I upgrade to the L85 (Bullpup) regularly after wave 1, and use it in auto mode, with taps. I like it quite a bit better than the varmint, feels like better damage per shot and you can do a spike unload on a husk, siren, alpha clot, to fast decap a bloat, etc. etc. The auto alone makes it feel WAY better than the Varmint...

If I join a server late, since I don't have an L85 but don't quite have enough for Stoner/SCAR, I also frequently buy the Mk.B on single fire. Once you get good with the aim on it, it has really good damage output per shot, I see it almost as good as a SCAR. The auto is pretty junky, slow and inaccurate, so I use it on single fire only though. But the single fire really "kicks" IMO.

I've been playing with Stoner exclusively, and then upgraded Stoner, but before that I used to use SCAR more frequently. SCAR+Stoner used to be my "fullly bought up" combo, and I used scar on single fire and switch to Stoner for spike/sustained unloads (scrakes, larger groups) - but since weapon upgrading came out, I tend to upgrade stoner so I can't carry SCAR, and just use stoner for literally everything. It's pretty boring TBH and the class feels dumb for it (1 gun fits all), but the efficiency with it is pretty good IMO. I don't know why people see it as a "trash cleaning" weapon. If you crouch to reduce recoil, aim down sights, and have all damage perks, you can deal with a scrake quite well, and it absolutely just demolishes everything really other than FP with great accuracy. And the mag is nice and long, just need to time your reloads well.

The power of SCAR is really single shot for me. Also I like the dot sight without zoom. SCAR headshots a lot of things in 1 shot, or 2 shots, and you can really clean up with a mag of well placed single shot headshots.

AK12 is OK, but to me it's a lesser Stoner. It tries to do the same thing - not really a "single shot" weapon, more of a "do everything on auto" but IMO it just doesn't do it as well as the Stoner.

FN FAL is not even a commando weapon, it's cross-perk from sharpshooter. And IMO, for a reason. The reason is that it's theoretically a higher damage SCAR, but I really dislike the zoomed sight. For some reason, it just makes me miss more than the SCAR in general, and I think it's designed as some kind of weird mix between M14 and Centerfire for sharpshooter. Single-shot, but zoomed in and a bit higher damage, in theory. The auto on it honestly blows. There is a lot of recoil unzoomed IMO, zoomed auto is just lol, and in either case the mag is out before you know it, you've missed 40% of your shots, and you're reloading... The sad thing is, I also don't like it as sharpshooter, because the M14 is better at what the FN FAL is trying to do IMO, and mostly I play centerfire+upgraded railgun with SS anyway. I just like that combo more than any other for SS and I feel like those weapons are the reason you play SS (IMO everything that M14 does, gunslinger does WAY better, and everything the FN FAL tries to do, a commando with SCAR or Stoner does WAY better).

IDK maybe I'm weird but I do pretty well on pubs lol.


Active member
Jul 9, 2015
As others have pointed out, SCAR's niche is ease of use and ammo efficiency. It has the second highest damage and second highest ammo pool of all the other commando weapons, while having low-ish recoil, moderate zoom, and superb accuracy. The only major downside is the low magazine, which is negated by the fast reload speed. SCAR isn't really the best at anything, but it's not the worst either.

I personally don't prefer the HMtech-501 due to its disgusting sound design and low bullet count, but other than that I like all of Commando's weapons. It's one of the better, if not the best, balanced perks in the game - both in terms of weapons and skill trees.


Feb 4, 2010
Some of the commando weapons are great for headshotting especially during zed time :) Others more a spray and pray.