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Recycling duplicates is not working properly!?


Active member
Nov 25, 2010
United States Of Russia
Not sure if it's a bug or it was intentional, so I post it here. Searched the forum, but haven't seen anyone talking about it.

Every time I try to recycle my duplicates I can only recycle 10. It's so annoying when you have more that 10 duplicates.
You really have to repeat that recycle process for ages, given the fact that error can occur every time you try it.

I believe it was stated in official update long time ago:
Players can now choose to recycle all their duplicates of an item at once (leaving one behind)
So, is it broken at the moment or for some reason you can only recycle 10 duplicates now?
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Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
There is a limit on the transactions you can do so it doesn't impact the backend server.


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Feb 4, 2010
I noticed a lot of non-gold vault dosh dupicates don't seem to recycle at all. :( Maybe 1 out of 10 do recycle.