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Recruiting for Completely Suicidal War (USA)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 25, 2009
I am looking for 5 other players interested in getting all of the Suicidal Map achievements in Killing Floor. I will fill in the list below as apps are accepted.

There are two reasons for some classes here having dictated characters. 1. I would like to capture some of our good rounds and successes and put some fun videos up on YouTube! The different characters will make the video more exciting and better looking. 2. Is to signify what class you are to the other players in our group, if there were multiples of the same character it just adds another layer of confusion that is unneeded in a Suicidal setting. Having these characters lets us see what class is moving where and why much simpler and from any angle rather then forcing us to look at the class symbol possibly having to adjust your camera angle to do so.

Field Medic - .KrashKourse. - Police Sergeant Davin

Support Specialist - [RO] Son_of_Sire - Agent Wilkes

Sharpshooter - Antiquarian - Mr. Foster

Commando - Yomommassis - Foundry Worker Aldridge

- [RO] Juggernaut - N/A

Berserker - MatTdeBatT - Officer Thorne a.k.a. Carnivore

Listed below are class expectations.

Level 6 Field Medic: Not much to add here. Know how to play your medic and love long range healing darts.

Level 6 Support Specialist: Leave your ego at the door. As a Support Specialist for the group you will be welding lots of doors, checking those welds often, and re-welding when necessary. If you cannot accept being below the Field Medic on kills every now and then, do not apply to this group. (Firebug perk at least to level 5).

Level 6 Commando: Stalker hunter, first and foremost no one in the group should ever be damaged by a Stalker, that is your soul duty. Secondly be adapt at reading the enemy health bars and being able to make calls on, for example, which Flesh Pound should die first if there are multiples on the screen. (Firebug perk at least to level 5).

Level 6 Berserker: Should most likely prefer the Chainsaw over the new Katana because of the new play mechanics. Pressing the fire button over and over is going to wear you out and make you less effective then the Chainsaw's ability to be held down. Know how to quickly and effectively kill Scrakes, that is completely your territory. Also know when it's time to back up rather then trying to top the kill chart. (Firebug perk at least to level 5).

If you want to join the group simply state your Steam User Name, which class you are (level not need posting, I assume if you are applying you are a level 6 and if you are not then you are a level 5 Demolitions), and which character you prefer where applicable. A working mic is required, the in game Voice chat for Killing Floor works perfectly fine and we will utilize it.

If you see your name get added to this list or an invite from me is sent over Steam then you have been accepted. After all 5 of these classes have been found I will create a group on Steam to house us and our needs. Thanks for reading and hope to get the group up and running soon with lots of Z.E.D. death to come!
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 24, 2009
Palmdale, CA USA
Combat Medic Lvl 6 > Really Good
I'll keep everyone healed to max and I do my best to carry my weight in kills

Commando Lvl 6 > Good

Demolitions Lvl 6 > Good

If S*** goes down I know what targets are a priority

Steadid- Yomommassis


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 10, 2009
I wouldn't mind playing, I am a Killing Floor vet (not well known, but if you ask around people might say something) I have not played in a while, but i started playing again right before the level up update. I have a Mic, My perks are fair
(yes i have read the class expectations...I know...I know...), but i relay on skill not perks, (but i use them to my advantage)
My perks are

Lv4 Medic
Lv4 Sharp Shooter
Lv4 Berserker
Lv4 Support Specialist
Lv3 Commando
Lv3 Firebug
Lv3 Demolitions

I'm a Awsome Medic, My healing aim with the medigun is fair, i generally will sacrifice myself if it means saving someones life. I stay with the group and run around healing people who are in need despite my own health, and I give out any extra money.

I'm a Great Sharp Shooter, My aiming for the head is fair, I know which weapons to use on which specimens, not very much to say...

I'm a Beast Berseker (i guess), I don't get killed very often unless my teammates don't help me, i try to save panicking teammates despite the enemy.

I'm a Beast Support Specialist, I know what to use, I am very active in helping to killing fleshpounds, scrakes, ect...

I'm a Great Commando, I do what I'm supposed to do, kill things, i really don't know what more I can say...

I'm a..., I have not idea how good I am with firebug...I don't use it much...

I'm a Fairly Good Demolitions, I know how to use pipebombs, I save desperate teammates, even if it involves endangering my own by suicide...

My Steam Id is Yoshilast, you can talk to me there after i get out of school >.>

(yes i have read the class expectations...I know...I know...)
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 20, 2009
all my perks are lvl 6
in order from most want to least
steam is MattdeBatT... or just search up my steam group unit 731, im the group leader. not sure why my name doesnt show up.

chracter i like the zombie looking guy, but anything works for me.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 10, 2009
yeh, people might say something
Well I have plenty of things to say about you too so don't get me started dex >:3, You don't know me well enough yet.

A lot of people would say good things about me, equally a lot of people would say I'm an ***.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 26, 2009
Pacific Northwest
Well I have plenty of things to say about you too so don't get me started dex >:3, You don't know me well enough yet.

A lot of people would say good things about me, equally a lot of people would say I'm an ***.
i dont know you well enough yet? you got it all backwards. you were kicked out of ZED for being an annoying douche. ive played with you before and you spammed the mic with all your whining. and then you even went as far as to make up lies to look important? mature some and we wouldnt have this problem.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 14, 2009


Spam time. LOL.

We now have a Suicidal Server for KF. This makes 3. Normal, Hard, and Suicidal.