RO Real ISU 122, ISU 122S and ISU 152 for RO1

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 8, 2014
I want you introduce now the new ISU122 and ISU122S in Version BETA04:

When I discovered the ISU 122 for Darkest Hour, I said to myself: "that we must also have".
The problem with this was that the ISU 122 is not used for DH. At least I have since found no ready to use.

The ISU 122 at DH looks like this:

That was the starting point. Since these ISU 122 so does not look like an ISU 122, I had myself once again lend a hand. I have then the matching 3D models concerned (which I also may use license permitting) and then made ​​me to work.

When I then looked at the files of the ISU 152, the sisters tanks ISU 122 as same design, I realized that this is based on the KV1 and also shared their parts.

So I have got the IS2 snapped and the ISU's all built from scratch, since the ISU's build indeed on the IS2.

If you wonder why the ISU 122ger models are so quickly that have the same top speed as the IS2. Actually would have even the ISU 152 be just as fast as all IS2 based models Max. 37 kmh quickly.

The result:

The ISU 122 in the front Lateral view:

The ISU 122 drivers view:

The ISU 122 in the commander external view:

The ISU 122 target optics:

The ISU 122S in the Lateral Front view:

The ISU 122S driver's view:

The ISU 122S in the commander external view:

The ISU 122S target optics:

The ISU 122S tube of the binocular view:

And now once all ISU's including the new ISU 152 (with new tube) side by side:

From left to right: ISU 152, the ISU 122 and ISU 122S

The complete course you can follow on Steam:

You can Test the ISU 122 (in Version BETA 04) on the RO1 [Kgr.GD] Panzerserver. At time on one Map: Debrecen 1944 v.1b. On the Wolchow Map we have this Tanks, too. But on the Wolchow Maps we have a DirectX/Windows 64bit problem, so the Game crashed if you don't use openGL.

Note: The textures are from Darkest Hour and not of me. The Static Meshes and Huds were edited by me, the original is by the ISU 152, just as the basic animations and the Body in the BETA and RC1 versions. Therefore the