Ready checkbox for spawnmenu

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 18, 2006
judging for the latest videos seen i instanly came up with this idea.
you'll see the Squadspawn menu evertime you die. in BC2 i sometimes miss to ready up and wonder why i dont spawn.

and here me idea:
basically i'd like to see a checkbox near the ready button for auto-ready.
checking the box would make you always spawn at the sapwn you selected the last time.
lets say i select to spawn near my SL and check the box i always spawn at me SL. if my SL is dead too i'll be spawning at the latest standard spawn. if my SL is alive again i will spawn at his location again, since i selected the SL as primary sapwn.

tell me what you think !


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 26, 2009
sounds like a good idea I often find myself with the same problem in Bad Company it would nice to have that but it is not as drastically important as the main gameplay