Potential bugs

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Apr 5, 2017
On PS4 I've found a few things that could use work I think:

-On the rooftops stage between the SIGMA and Phantom areas, if it's a race mission, one biker starts halfway through the track most of the time, making them unbeatable.

-Sometimes biker AI's fly along the rooftop track, by which I mean they will be approx 20 feet up in the air, not losing or gaining altitude at all and really speeding along. Then they'll come down instantly a long way down the track and continue speeding.

-Often the rooftop stage will bounce the bike high up into the air for no real reason, and then no matter what you do (jump jets, hitting nitro, you name it) you end up wiping out the moment the bike hits the track.

-I seem to remember when I first started playing I eventually upgraded my guns in the shop to 3 stars (correct me if I'm wrong). Now the only gun that comes up for upgrade is the assault weapon.

I have a few suggestions too:
-Would it be possible to have an option to turn off the NPC voices (Jackal Boss, Reaper Boss, Phantom Boss) in campaign mode? After a while they get annoying.

-Perhaps something in the options menu to let you view stats like how much money you've won? The only trophy I haven't got is the one for winning over 1 million cash, even though I've finished the campaign with over 100,000 many times. Would be nice to know if I'm getting close or if it's just a bugged trophy.

-A way to reconfigure the controls. Often using nitro is a real problem, either it fires briefly when I use it, or fires when I don't want it to. If I could put it on a button I can hold when I want to boost it will help a lot.


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Mar 7, 2019
So has this game been abandoned on PS4? All of what SCtheReaper has mentioned above are issues that still persist today. I also want to mentioned a few other awful problems I've noticed on top of his findings.

- The game will randomly crash. It happens anywhere between 1 to 3 runs through campaign before crashing on single player and almost guaranteed to happen at least once during a campaign run or two in split screen. It essentially makes campaign+ broken since it doesn't save your progress like the regular campaign if the application is closed or the game crashes.
- The visual glitches on the bottom screen during split screen on Sigma and Phantom rooftop levels are really bad. Its a flicker effect.
- Certain weather effects makes the game just struggle to run or causes crashes.
- Unobtainable trophy "Cash Money". It's impossible due to needing accumulate 1 million dollars in one sitting since closing the application resets the counter and it only factors in money ON HAND during a completed campaign run ONLY, NOT the grand total earned or how much you have on hand or earned when you die. This is made even more brutal due to the game being prone to random crashes.

I really enjoy the game but these bugs are a bummer and the lack of any response or patch for the PS4 version to fix any of the issues hurt a lot of the fun that can be had with the game especially things like that rooftop glitch where if you have a race, its impossible to get 1st place because the CPU just rubberbands halfway through the track.


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Oct 10, 2005
There is an update coming in the near future (I don't have an exact time table yet) that should address some AI issues, crashes, achievements failing to unlock and other bugs.