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Please review the whole uniform customisation system


Grizzled Veteran
Aug 30, 2011
its bad enough that you allow soldiers to run around from both sides essentially looking like each other, but now when playing ARVN v NVA, you actually have BOTH sides wearing almost the same camo. WTF is with that?? in a game which is played at close quarters (yes even in the jungle) with FF on, you allow players on both sides to essentially dress like each other, even provide a SERVER WARNING that says something like 'be careful how you dress, you will get shot'....AND THEN provide the idiot who intentially dresses like the enemy the ability to PENALISE the person doing the FF. You are screwing up gameplay just so you can sell some BS uniform DLCs.

Either you force each side to dress similarly so that there is NO ability to 'cross dress' (yes I said it) OR you remove FF. I played over 4 hours last night and each game everyone was complaining about the constant friendly fire, people penalising even after being apologised to, all because it is extremely difficult to PID.