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Player won't move


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Apr 11, 2011
I install the game on Win7 last night. Played for a while. Worked great.
Did some Win 7 upgrades today.
Reran the game today. And the player won't move. He'll jump, and I can focus on the ball, and select help. But he won't crouch or move. I've tried to change the keys, and tried the cursor keys. He still won't move.
I tried to run one of the Survival levels thinking the player got "stuck" but he wouldn't move there either.
I got a similar issue, but I can rebind forward & back movement to shift + ctrl and then I can play, I won't play with those keys though. It seems like at least the keys 0-9, A-Z and arrow keys won't work.

I've had this issue with a couple of other games, haven't found the solution yet.
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