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Notice: We are looking for diligent agents who provide clear and concise feedback and bug reports

  • Play style (casual/competitive): Most of the time competitive, but I love to mix things up
  • Main Agent(s): Larcin, Red and Squire
  • Strong familiarity with the game and how it plays out: I've been playing this game since D1 and still love to explore every detail I can find; forced myself to have every character to minimum mastery 10 to know how they work with guns, expertises and passives.
    I have, as today, 635 hours registered on steam, and in game 326 hours with a total of 2811 games
  • A history of providing good reports (bug/feedback) or helping others is a major plus: I tend to not screenshot nor record stuff, but I've made good effort to make new players understand and learn more about the game.
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Those who do may be asked to help us with other, more frequent missions, that will require them to sign an NDA.

All viewpoints and play styles are valid and up for consideration to be included as part of this program, but the ideal candidates to be invited should let us know the following:
  • Play style (casual/competitive)
  • Main Agent(s)
  • Strong familiarity with the game and how it plays out
  • A history of providing good reports (bug/feedback) or helping others is a major plus (and being able to provide us with an example of such)
Those who are invited will be asked to provide more details such as personal information, best testing times, and sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and must be legally able to do so.
I'm not sure if you are still looking for testers but if yes I would love to sign up. I already have a lot of experience with alpha and beta tests and am looking to get into QA so this would be great experience for my CV and portfolio :)

I mostly play casually and try to find whacky builds or strategies

Current mains are Madame Xiu, Red and Octo (its so hard to choose honestly I play like 80% of the roster xd)

I have been playing Deceive inc since this summer and got most of my friends into it, I just love the core ideas and concepts and I often design and conceptualize character kits for games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant etc. and Deceive's gameplay style really allows me to approach this in a whole new fun way :D

Most of my previous testing experience has been in RPG maker games and I have had access to a few bigger triple AAA games closed alpha tests (mostly MOBA style games or FPSes), I have some experience with bug report charts and documentation as well thanks to that but nothing too advanced

Hope you consider me for the position :)
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im lagrienzo in-game with about 1200 hours and i play mostly sasori, can playtest if asked.

  • Play style (casual/competitive) - varies on mood, usually fast, but also i play slow when i rush green rooms
  • Main Agent(s) - Sasori (but i play pretty much everyone except Hans)
  • Strong familiarity with the game and how it plays out - yes i have 1200 hours and lots of experience in all modes and all agents
  • A history of providing good reports (bug/feedback) or helping others is a major plus (and being able to provide us with an example of such) - i have reported multiple exploits, just ask dva
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Hey I'd like to be considered for the testing group. I'd say I'm probably a more casual player overall but I like to play to win. My main agents are cav and larcin though I do like to branch out and try the other agents from time to time. I've got a pretty decent familiarity with the game as far as knowing the map layouts and basic strategies. I've provided one bug report and I'm not sure how helpful it was to the team but I'd be willing to learn to make my reports better. I really love the game and want to help it succeed, I like to help out newer players than myself whenever I can in the community discord. I'd say my skill level is intermediate right now but I plan to keep playing and improving at the game and even though I may not be the most experienced agent maybe I can offer another perspective to the tests. Thanks for reading!
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  • Playstyle; Half and half (part casual, part competitive)
  • Main Agents: Larcin, Hans, Madame Xiu
  • I have several hundred hours in the game, actively moderate the discord server and also help with the wiki when I have time.
I understand this application is a bit late to the party, so to speak, but I appreciate your time and consideration nonetheless.
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