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New Update


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Dec 14, 2020
I had a few ideas for an update focused on armored units.

M48 Patton. Crew of 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
M42 Duster. Crew of 2 (Driver, Gunner)
M113 APC. Crew of 1 (Driver) Holds 8 (1 M2 Gunner)
Swift Boat. Crew of 1 (Driver, Gunner {40mm auto}) Holds 1 MG Gunner
Willys Jeep with 106mm recoilless rifle. Crew of 1 (Driver) holds 2 (1 106mm Gunner)
Attack UH-1 for US forces
Mounted Weapons
106mm Recoilless Rifle
M2 Machine Gun
Tank Crew
Can use M48 or M42
APC Driver
Can drive M113
Swift Boat Driver
Can drive Swift Boats
Updated Grenadier
Has option to use M72 LAW as gear instead of the M79 Blooper as a primary.
Morter Team Member
Can place and fire mortars. uses communication with squad leaders to pinpoint fire

PT-76. Crew of 2 (Driver, Gunner)
Commander Support Weapon
Mounted Weapons
75mm Recoilless Rifle
Tank Crew

Can use PT-76
Morter Team Member
Can place and fire mortars. uses communication with squad leaders to pinpoint fire

Using ground units or river boats, southern forces follow a road/river and capture points while helicopters supply air support. The norther forces use PT-76s and mounted guns, along other defenses, to hold the convoy back.

Delta Patrol
Water based convoy map for swift boats. Attack UH-1s spawn farther south of boat spawn. capture points A-G.
Saigon Patrol
Ground based convoy map. Attack Helicopters spawn at fire base, Convoy starts at Phu Tho Racetrack. Patrols through city. Capture points A-g
Interesting ideas you have.
Actually... I started digging with M113. It was pretty easy to add visual effects like muzzle flash and smoke to exhaust. I've also added ammo belt that was missing. It doesnt animate actually, that too complex to change I think.
There is a problem though with the HUD and sounds.
Seems that ROHUDWidget has extensions that HelicopterInfo HUD is being overwritten on general VehicleInfo somehow (due the fact that there are no other vehicles). To would be good that they would fix it
Second problem is with Wwise sound pack. Its easy to create akevent, pin it to akbank but the bank doesnt connect to DefaultBank *.bnk file.
I was able to add sound of Huey instead so its possible to do.
A good guide to Wwise custom audio creation would be nice to have.
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