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new bosses and new game modes


Aug 6, 2011
in my personal opinion, patriarch is kinda boring now.

what we need is not tons of new DLC characters. we had enough for now.

weapons update would be nice too. but it wont change game progress.

i guess its time for new type of boss character and game modes.

like human faced worm type zombie, or flying screamer.. something like this. :/

and extraction or search & rescue game mode would be great.

i know tripwire interactive is working hard on RO2. even postponing release date. i bought digital deluxe edition :D so keep work hard on it pls.

but dont forget KF its still here lol

i'm just suprised how long this game has survived (and still rules) with only 1 game mode and 1 boss character.

thx for reading this long and stupid suggestion..
i hope it didnt wasted your time(already did if u reading this sentence.)
do a LOT of extra work to change the game in a way most of the community doesn't want with many ideas that have been shot down in the past.
That's about all I got from that. It's generally good policy to explain WHY each suggestion you make should be implemented.

As for the DLC characters, TWI releases them as a means to support the developer for all the free game-changing DLC they release to the whole of the community. You like the game and want to support it? You buy a model pack or two.
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