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nDo Normal Map Toolset for Photoshop


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Jan 26, 2010

Incredible addition to Photoshop. I was happy with xNormal and Nvidias plugin but this toolset is a must have. From adding in little details to your meshes with complete control, to creating full accurate textures.

Everything is run from the actions pallete. 3 actions, nDo Ted which is your main normal mapping feature, Overlay which runs an action and properly overlays your normal maps on top of each other and Cavity which is similar to Xnormals normals to cavity filter which is great for bringing out your edges or creating some nice automated edge scrapes.

Some great editing features for editing your normal map direct including ; sculpt layers, transform and even instancing! Very cool.

There is only 1 tutorial so good knowledge of photoshop and knowing how normal maps and heightmaps work is a big help. Also, if you download and like the tool as much as I do, drop a donation to Teddy Bergsman so we can continue to keep this awesome tool free to use.
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