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Mutator help?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 5, 2009
Yes, i know, theres a gazillion tutorials on Unrealscript, but theres an issue here

What are the codes and coding necessary to replace all enemies with one type of enemy?

Why? i'm making a husks-only mutator for my server, but i'm completely lost as to what i need to chuck into this to replace all mob types in all 10 waves (Unlike existing mutators that do similar things where bloats/scrakes/sirens/etc spawn ~wave 5)

Why husks? on suicidal, they are insanely tough when you get 2-3 of them if your sharpshooter cant catch them or your firebug cant eat the first couple shots, i want to see the absolute madness that would happen with nothing but husks

After all, only what? one achievement can be earned off them, and this mutator makes it nigh impossible anyways, and no perk requires them, and they arent a necessarily easy foe on harder difficulty levels, so this could be whitelisted (In theory)

Any help? Been done?