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Multiplayer Campaign Mode

Well it was E3 im sure we saw a skirmish mode and also i read a preview and they had all good comments about it etc.

Its the best thing that could happen massive modding capability.


Its like practice mode but in skirmish mode i would guess its some kind of countdown like until 500 kills or something for each side who knows i dont even know yet.
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Sep 13, 2011
I have been waiting for this since the first version of Medal of Honor.

I basically saw it as a grid of maps (regardless of there being any historical reason to link them), some urban, some countryside, etc.

You started with Map A, if the attacker wins, you move on to Map B, if they win that, move to C, if they lose, move back to A, with the roles of attacker and defender reversed (if possible). Pretty simple really.

If the roles cannot be reversed than a similar map could be substituted that allows for the attacker/defender roles to be correct.

It could be more complex, but does not have to be. But ideas included.

* Win Map B and have a choice of more than one map, i.e. more than one route on the master map. This could be limited to only certain "crossroads" maps or all maps on the grid could have an attacker's choice available.

* Have a master number of total troops available for the whole match, not just each map. If the defender holds out long enough they get extra reinforcements. If the attacker wins fast enough they get a bonus.

Would be a blast, particularly for clan matches.

It was one of the reasons I decided to by RO2 and one of the major disappointments when it failed to appear.

I look forward to the day it arrives.

If it is anything like the idea above, like a master map made up of sections or smaller maps, It would be WONDERFUL if the servers could pick whatever maps they wanted to - even if it were unhistorical and could include maps made by modders.
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Sep 22, 2011
Yup. Suppose it simply is a mapgrid where the teams fight towards a final battle. These campaigs will propably be insanely lengthy with good teams.

What would be even cooler is if some maps reap benefits for the team and become strategic assets. Like the possibility to cut off supply lines and destroying artillery batteries. Could even be several servers working together so the campaign would have several fronts and your glorious team gets pincered and destroyed in spite of a heroic effort.
With several armies battling at once on different servers it could really evolve into a large-scale strategy game for the army commanders working on longterm strategies while the grunts get pushed around like pawns on their boards.

The more you elaborate the idea of campaign battles the more ideas pop up. In time modded-campaigns could really become the mouth-watering hybrid of fps and strategy that many have dreamed about for ages.

But to begin with, I'll be happy with day long wars :)
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