Mkb42 suggestion

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Offensive name

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Feb 8, 2012
Instead of giving you that awfull scope at level 50 and totally ruining the gun, why not give the scope right away but then removing it when you reach level 25?

Now before people start screamimg that i'm trolling, please consider that in the sniper class this is exactly what happens: when you reach veteran on the German side, you are given a G41 rifle with the exact same awfull scope but then at level 25 you get a proper 4x scope.

Just like veteran get to remove the sight hood on the kar98, i'm pretty sure that a vet would have remored those awfull scopes at the first occasion.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 20, 2011
You will be able to remove unlocked "upgrades" after a patch they're working on (see the news section).

I didn't like that little scope in SP (didn't unlock it yet in MP), but I guess it would come in handy in real life... though I didn't fight in the war, so I can't be sure. :D